Matcha Bath Bombs with Vanilla & Chamomile

Relaxing at home in a spa like atmosphere is something I can’t resist, and as a busy work at home mom I desperately need!  Because DIY beauty recipes save me money and let me control the ingredients that go into them. 

These Matcha with Vanilla Green Tea & Chamomile smell incredible and help me pretend that there are multiple little bodies waiting outside the bathroom door clamoring to get in. Matcha green tea has so many benefits when you drink it and soaking in it is amazing for your skin.

relax with these amazing Matcha Bath Bombs with Vanilla & Chamomile

What you need to make Matcha Bath Bombs with Vanilla & Chamomile

Relaxing DIY Matcha Bath Bombs with Vanilla & ChamomileHow to make your own Matcha Bath Bombs with Vanilla & Chamomile

In a large bowl combine cornstarch, citric acid, epsom salt, baking soda, matcha green tea, argan oil, mixing with a whisk is the easiest way to combine it quickly and evenly.

Add water a little bit at a time and quickly mix with your hands, what we are going for here is a mixture that is JUST damp enough to cling together but not soaked.

Spray both sides of the inside of your molds with coconut oil cooking spray, this makes it so much easier to remove.

Press your mixture firmly into both sides of mold (or one if you are using a silicone shape mold) leaving one side a bit overflowing then press the two sides together firmly.

Allow to dry overnight and gently remove from mold.

You now have these pretty green bath bombs to display on your tub or counter ledge until you are ready for a soak.

Give these homemade Matcha Bath Bombs with Vanilla & Chamomile a try for a rejuvenating bath

How do you use a bath bomb?

Oh, now that’s the fun part. After your bath bomb is dry simply fill your tub with nice warm water and toss it in.

It is so fun to watch it roll and fizz in the tub. The herbs and oils release into the bath along with the relaxing salts that are so good for you.

This simple pleasure is well worth the time to make for so much less than popular Lush Bath Bombs.

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