Giraffes Can’t Dance

With Mother Goose Time we get a new book every month.  Mother Goose Time provides a new book each month fitting the monthly theme. The book in introduced somewhere in the first week giving the children plenty of time to explore it before the new theme.

Giraffes Can’t Dance a cute story about how everyone is different, and that should not stop us. Gerald the Giraffe was made fun of for his different shape that made dancing different for him. Gerald learns that he can dance just fine he just needs to find his own tune one just right for who he was. Anyone CAN dance.

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Find your beat with Giraffes Can’t Dance

A great project to do with this book is to experiment with different types of music. Give you child a chance to find what makes them want to dance.

Giraffes Can’t Dance, can open up a great opportunity to learn about giraffes.

Giraffes can’t dance talks about the body of a giraffe with long thin legs and a long neck. A trip to the local zoo can let your child see giraffes up close. Some zoos even let you feed the giraffes.

Create a Giraffe Headband Craft

For this headband craft, you will need paper a stapler or tape, crayons or markers, and the included Giraffes Can’t Dance Printable Pack.

Giraffes Can’t Dance FREE Preschool Printable Pack

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This pack includes:

  • Missing Letter
  • Dance Cube
  • Coloring page
  • Do a dot
  • Mask craft project

This giraffe Can’t Dance printable with help make learning fun and a breeze for you.

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  • Jena says:

    I love this book! It is by far one of my favorites to use with my kiddos for teaching them to appreciate their differences. Thank you for putting a pack together for it!

    • Jenn says:

      Your welcome. I am so happy it can help you teach such an important message.

  • Kirsteon says:

    My Daughter and I enjoyed working together to make resources for my Nursery class.
    Thank you