How Extreme Couponing Can Help You Save

Imagine being able to get discounts on 85% of your weekly purchases whether online or in the store. This should enable you to save at least $50-$100 dollars or even more each week depending on your spending habits. By the end of the year, you should be able to get the latest iPhone in the market and still have enough to buy Christmas gifts for your family. Most people who have underestimated the saving power of couponing have probably not come by the term “extreme couponing”.

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Extreme couponing involves taking the couponing and discounting game on a whole other level: basically involves securing promo codes and multiple coupon deals for every purchase made online. This art which is practiced by few has proven effective and one can only get to hear testimonials if it’s done right. But exactly how is extreme couponing practiced to bring about gigantic saves?

The Ins & Outs of Extreme Couponing

Anyone can get easily get a coupon code online. Nonetheless, not everyone has mastered the art of skillfully applying them consistently or even applying multiple codes to achieve desired results. This is the case for most shoppers who end up quitting on the hassle of getting the codes. The following tips should help you get by on this journey and be sure to thank me later.

Purpose, Plan & Patience

Extreme couponing is a lifestyle – it’s not something you do once and off you are with it. Before you partake of this lifestyle, you have to clearly define your reasons for doing so. You could be saving to pay a debt, give back to the community, make a future prized purchase, and practice good stewardship or simply to have a sizeable trust fund for your emergency day. Having a clear purpose gives you the will and drive to be faithful to the art and not give up before you even get started.

Next, you need to have a reasonable plan on exactly what you should be buying using a coupon. You can even plan for the future by buying birthday gifts in advance or even larger clothes that should fit your kids in the coming years. This gives you sufficient time to research on the available coupon deals as well as the ones that will be introduced shortly. If something you really want to buy isn’t on offer but will be in the coming few weeks, I’m sure you can hold your horses until that time. Patience will go a long way to retaining the extra paper in your pockets.

Start Slow, Go Big

Shoppers hoping to get into the couponing hype tend to overdo it at the start thus getting it all wrong. Patience is the art of the gods as someone once said. You can even start with two products on your first week as you get to learn the store’s coupon policy. You can visit Nolah and find their policies are quite different from another mattress firm. The internet should come in handy here in giving you this information.

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