Milk and Honey Soap DIY

We have ventured into making soaps around here this last weekend. One of my favorites was the milk and honey soap I made. My slight obsession with honey and its many benefits may show through over the next we months.

We needed some really moisturizing soap due to our recent move to a colder less humid area. Either that or maybe my old age is catching up with me because I don’t remember this dry of skin issue when I was younger living here. Either way, this was a great choice for our skin.

Want to try making soap? This milk and honey soap is an easy starter.


Using a pre-made soap base makes your first attempts at soap making easy and fun as well as frugal. Melt the goat milk soap base in a 1-2 quart saucepan until lump-free.

I picked a goat milk soap base for its great healing properties for the skin to pack my milk and honey soap with the good stuff.

Add everything to the melted goat milk soap base. Melt the shea butter and coconut oil down. These two ingredients give the soap a gentle yet powerful moistening power.

Mix the honey into your melted soap. I use raw unfiltered honey that is great for the body and healing the skin.

Stir until smooth and place into a wax paper-lined pan. Let the soap cool.

Peel the soap from the wax paper. Cut into bars or use cookie cutters for shapes. You can buy molds as another option and really have fun, but cutting will make your first few batches more economical.

While these soaps are safe to use right away, letting them cure helps the soap harden making it last longer and lather better.

Milk and honey soap DIY- Make your own soap the easy way.

When it comes to this soap recipe you will notice it has nothing with a fragrance. You can use this milk and honey soap as is perfect for sensitive skin. Another option is to use essential oils of your choice to create a soap with a great scent or healing properties of your choice.

Great options are lavender or tangerine essential oil for the perfect relaxing soap that makes your skin feel great.

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