10 Ideas For Baby’s Easter Basket

Ideas Baby's Easter Basket beacuse they can't tell you what they want.When it comes to shopping for people babies are the biggest challenge. Easter is really no different. What do you put in a baby’s Easter basket? Babies are too young for candy so you are forced to get a bit creative.

  1. Teething toys are a great addition for your baby’s Easter basket. Babies love to chew and can never have enough safe to chew on items in the house. You can even look for cute custom wooden teethes on ETSY.
  2. No one can have enough bath toys. Getting baby into a bath is so much easier when you can make bath time fun. Options like non toxic tub crayons and foam letters are a great option for a happy learning baby bath time.
  3. Board books. Early literacy is vital for growing children. Board books are perfect for babies do to the sturdy material. Pick board books with an engaging story to make it last longer for your child.
  4. Spring clothes. Babies grow fast and are always needing new clothes. Get ahead by using this time to get your babies spring wardrobe for that next size change.
  5. Headbands and bows. Nothing cuter for baby girl then cute headbands and bows. Easter is a great time to pull out the cute bows to enjoy as winter hats find there way into storage.
  6. Blocks are a classic toy babies and well everyone else just loves. Megga blocks or Lego duplo are a great safe block option for babies
  7. Toys cars or dolls. Little people toys are great for babies and make a cute addition to baby’s Easter basket.
  8. Sippy cups. Soon baby will be ready to transition to a sippy cup if not already using them. Get sippy cups now as an Easter basket filler for baby and have them on hand when the time comes.
  9. Sort and stack cups. Babies just love sort and sack cups to nest together, stock on top of each other and hit together to make lots of noise.
  10. Baby care products. From baby wash to cloth diapers baby care products are a great filler for baby’s Easter basket.

When planning a babies Easter basket you can focus on getting things you baby needs. Find a fun basket to hold it all because on Easter morning the baby will most likely fall in love with the basket over anything else. Have fun and use this as a chance to get odds and ends your baby will need in the coming months. They will love it.

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