Patriotic Baby T-shirt Craft

As an Army family, we take our red, white, and blue seriously. We could not ver well have a baby just in time for Memorial Day, followed by the 4th of July without some form of patriotic clothing. Only the stores are lacking in red, white, and blue for newborns that does not cost an arm and a leg. It is all pink and blue. So I grabbed the fabric markers I got the kids for decorating onsies for the baby when we told them the good news, printed a few stars, and used best fitting to create this Patriotic Baby T-shirt Craft.

patriotic onsie

What you need for this Patriotic Baby T-shirt Craft

===> Grab your free star templet <===

Patriotic Onsie

Making this Patriotic Baby T-shirt Craft

This is such an easy craft:

  • Simply cut out your star.
  • Hold down on top of your onsie.
  • Make polka dots along the edges working out
  • Remove paper from the baby t-shirt
  • Dry on warm heat for ten minutes to set the color.
  • Enjoy!

Patriotic Baby T-shirt Craft

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