Backyard Bug Hunt

Life got a little crazy for us in the past few weeks. I can’t say it was bad. In fact, I could not be happier though I am a bit worn out. We fell a bit behind in school wich is fine because we have hit our 180 days and can sit back and relax the rest of the year if we wanted. Once I started to feel a bit better after having the baby I decided the best bet is to do something fun so I pulled out a couple things from the Bugs and Crawly Things Theme with Mother Goose Time and got everyone out into the sunshine.

Backyard Bug Hunt

I took the kids out into the yard and we got to work. I found a cool bug catching set at the dollar tree a couple weeks ago and kept it just for this fun. The girls were not so keen on the idea of hunting and catching bugs. But Little Bear could not get enough of lining up the bug math counters Mother Goose Time sent as one of the months manipulatives.

Seeing the girls did not want to pick up real bugs I had them use the counters to observe things about the bugs like how many legs they each have and we discussed the basics on what classifies each as an insect or another typle of creature.

Backyard Bug Hunt

I pulled out the worms from the worm day and we took my tablet to search google and find out the anatomy of worms. The girls were a lot less shy about holding these than going near real worms found in the yard. I used to fill jars with worms I “rescued” from puddles with my friend Zack as a little girl. They did not get that trait from me.

My son, on the other hand, he was not in the least bit shy to fill the bug catcher with rolli pollies which we learned a few months ago on Sid the Science Kid are NOT bugs but crustations. Pretty cool fact if you ask me. Yes, that is a bounce house and my sister’s Ice Cream truck in the background. Party time!

Playing with bugs and crawly things with Mother Goose Time

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