Tips for Tackling the Large Family Laundry Pile

There are two things that get out of control in our home (besides the sound volume). With an ever growing family, laundry and dishes can get out of hand. It is almost as if they multiply like rabbits when I turn my head for just a moment.

It can get overwhelming, to say the least. Tackling the large family large family laundry pile can be a challenge but, once you find a system that works for you it gets so much easier.

Tackling the Large Family Laundry Pile

I have learned a few handy tricks that make Tackling the Large Family Laundry Pile easier and faster. With 5 kids it is vital that I get stains out of our clothes to reduce the amount of clothes I have to buy. Kids destroy clothes so I make a point to save money on the kids clothes.

Save time my using an in wash pre-treatment. While major stains should be treated as soon as they happen the everyday messes can be tossed in the wash with a pre-treater for a quick and easy wash.

Assign color sorting duty to children. Not only are they helping but they get to work on color sorting which is a great skill for young kids to work on. In our house we have whites, darks (black and navy) Brights, Lights, and Pink (4 little girls = lots of pink) When a load gets full we run that load through the wash.

Have children help sort and fold. It doesn’t take long before you know it you have several baskets of clean laundry waiting to be put away. Even the youngest children can fold your stack of wash clothes or help with the small kitchen linens.

The big guns for dealing with the large family laundry pile

Tips for taming the large family laundry pile

Don’t fuss over socks. To keep the stress of socks down I buy plain white and black socks for everyone. The young toddlers and babies end up with colored socks because that is all you can find… they rarely match and I am ok with that. We store them in a basket matching them up once in a while.

Usually, when the children are fighting I have them do it for a bit of quite time. My deep dark laundry secret? I Don’t fold everything. Older children do their own (sometimes.) Babies and toddlers?

Yeah, I don’t bother besides the nice clothes I keep up for when we go out. Play and lounge clothes are free to be tossed in a drawer and let to be. Kona Mari and my younger self could have been friends. After 5 kids not so much.

One of the biggest ways I handle the large family laundry pile is to have less laundry in the first place. Minimalist wardrobes are perfect for the large family because you have less to deal with. A large wardrobe for one or two kids is easy to keep up with. For 5 kids? Not so much.

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