What’s New With Mother Goose Time 2017-1018

We love Mother Goose Time. That is no secrete around here. Each year with them gets better and better. We are so blessed to have the program to help me homeschool the children. Our older kids even enjoy the program. The results of the program have been amazing and our two and three year olds thrive on Mother Goose Time. The Big Kids even enjoy joining us and it gives them a good break from harder school work that can leave them worn down. Needless to say as we set up our new school area I was SOOO happy to see What’s new with Mother Goose Time for the 2017-2018 school year.

New this year with Mother Goose Time

Perhaps the most exciting thing to me is the changes to the Morning Circle Time. Our new school area has the perfect place to do this so I am cheering over the new community challenges being added to our morning routine. These are designed to support your child’s social-emotional skills and help children learn to work as a team.  With 5 kids in the house team work is a vital skill to survival and we have to adjust to an odd number this school year. Talk about great timing.

The magnetic story time pieces have me hunting down a new large magnetic white board to use in our school area. I NEED a HUGE one for the older kids so these magnets will have the perfect home.

The new teacher guides combine everything we love about the teacher guide and the planning journal into one book making things easier for busy moms and teachers. Not only did they combine them they added full color to make using them even easier when you only have a moment or you are trying to think of substitutions for the stem stations.

Speaking of stem stations they are adding more outdoor stations perfect for taking advantage of the good weather days and our big back yard.

I just can’t wait to see the circle time display this year and find it a place to go seeing we are going back to a non portable option. Though I did love the handy nature of the poster board style it does not hold up well to young kids. If you are thinking about Mother Goose Time this year you still have time for the early bird discount!

New this year with Mother Goose Time

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