National Popcorn Day: Free Popcorn Math Printable

National Popcorn Day is coming up on January 19th. The kids are slightly addicted to popcorn. Something my son started a couple years ago that stuck around. So much it is not uncommon to see someone fire up the full-fledged movie theater popcorn maker. Needless to say, this is one holiday I can’t escape from around here. I figure why fight it when I can embrace it? So I jumped right in on the planning and created a popcorn math printable to keep the kids busy.

National popcorn day. Free Popcorn Math Printable

Celebrate National Popcorn Day

We are going to toss together some fun popcorn treats. Nothing as extreme as the popcorn with goldfish and corpus amounts of garlic powder my best friend and I ate during a sleepover as little girls. The good news is now I am older I know how to do more fun things like caramel popcorn balls, popcorn snack mixes, and homemade Crunch N Munch.

Popcorn math printable

Grab this free popcorn math printable. Perfect learnign fun to add to your national popcorn day activities.

We can’t have a holiday unless we sneak a bit if school into it right? I created this popcorn math printable to help the kids work on basic math equations. Simply print cut and match the problems to the same bucket representing the answer. This is a great way to get get the kids having fun with hands-on learning. This pack contains solved answers for addition and subtraction fact families 8, 10, 12, and 15. If you like this pack be sure to let me know so I can make other themed packs working new numbers.

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