Timber Book Lesson Ideas

It’s no secrete my favorite part about Mother Goose Time is the monthly books and all the great ways they put it to use. Last year they used the book a good bit but I feel like this year the focus is even stronger and I love it.  The December theme Winter in the Woods included this adorable book about a lumber jack in the woods called Timber.

Timber was written by the CEO of Mother Goose Time which means it is designed to work perfectly for your young child. We love the books she creates to go with the monthly themes. She always enlists the brightest illustrators making the books cheerful and fun. The books themselves always have deeper meaning like Little Read Riding Hood and the Lonely Wolf

Timber! by Leslie Falcone

The deep lesson within this book is that when we take and take trees from the forest we leave nothing behind. Kids learn effects the animals that live in the woods and why we should be good stewards of the environment. This makes a great book for your Earth Day or Arbor Day plans.

Fun with the book Timber

Mother Goose Time sprinkles fun for the book of the month through the month. From crafts to puzzles like my little one above is loving. The best addition is the story pieces that let children work on reading comprehension.

Talk about the book

Talking about the book you are reading helps your child learn to understand the book at a deeper level.

  • Can you count the trees?
  • How do you think the animals feel?
  • What are the trees being cut down for?

Add in some math

Counting tree related objects is a great way to mix math into this book. For older kids you can add addition and subtraction.  Leaves, twigs, acorns, and pine cones all make great options for tree based math.

Counting with tree parts is great for the book Timber.

Toss in a dab of Science perfect for Timber

Our tree mini unit study is the perfect science component to go with this book. Counting rings by slicing an onion and using it to stamp rings and studying them with your child is my favorite. You can even grab actual log disks to explore.



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