Problem With Your New Home Construction? Here’s What to Do

Most people have desired to buy or build a home. Quite a lot of people seem to prefer new construction buildings because they can have the house built according to their taste and because new construction houses don’t face as many problems as the already existing ones. About 40% of buyers never believed they would regret their purchase decisions, but they did so. Also, 30% of these buyers were neutral before making a final purchase decision. But with new home constructions, you can determine your desired outcome, and in this piece, we will explore some problems with new home constructions.

The Most Common Issues

Every home buyer should only buy properties with their eyes wide open. Minor things that seem out of place can indicate the presence of a bigger issue. It would help if you searched for issues such as little sheetrock cracks around windows or over doorways. These could be issues if the house has foundation issues or is settling a bit.

Some specific things to check include cracks in garage concrete that exceeds a quarter-inch, crown molding which seems to be separating from the building wall, and patches on the wall which don’t blend well with the painting. Also, there may be some problems with the plumbing just behind the sheetrock during construction. You need to confirm that the builder has fixed any issues that may be going on behind the wall. Some other things to consider include non-functioning lights, dripping faucets, and any part of the building that looks like water could seep in through.

Outdoor Problems

Some common outdoor issues in new home construction include incorrectly applied sliding, cracks and gaps in the patios and decks, and drainage and grading issues. Ideally, you should identify these issues early on to avoid future problems. According to the New Home Warranty Act, every homeowner should allow the builder to fix the issue before legal action.

To prevent or remediate such outdoor issues, make sure you carry out a thorough assessment of the work done and request a progress report on work done.

Indoor Problems

Some common indoor issues include cracks in drywall and nail pops caused by the popping of the drywall nail head. Other issues include truss rise, which happens when interior cracking at the top floor’s ceiling during winter. There is also the issue of humidity within the house caused by a build-up of water droplets that run down the walls and into different parts of the building. Other issues include tile cracks, uneven wood, and cracks between boards. Always follow up on work done indoors and confirm if they measure up with acceptable standards

Water Problems

Many water-related issues occur due to runoff coming from the roof. When rain falls on a building’s roof, the water running off should be directed towards the downspouts and gutters. The downspouts and gutter then direct the water far from the foundation of the building. Other issues include water intrusion in crawl spaces or basements and doors sticking shut when they absorb moisture and swell. Water stains around doors and windows and condensation between window panes are other water-related issues.

To avoid such issues, ensure that only a licensed plumbing expert handles the plumbing work and ensure the work is done properly. The contract should stipulate the desirables and deliverables of the building.

Other Issues

Other problems may affect your new home construction, such as the lack of a driveway. Research indicates that homes with driveways see an increase in their value by up to 10%. Issues such as cheap appliances can be disastrous, and in this case, you should ensure that the appliance you are getting is the best one out there. Also, check the wiring to ensure that the wiring is of the best quality.

As far as new home construction is concerned, you should always aim for the best quality job. Knowing the problems to expect during the construction process and how to avoid them will help you get the best value.

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