Running your AC in Winter: Pros and Cons

Air conditioners are an essential part of every home, mall, or office space. Households use their units extensively during the summer, but they see far less use during the winter. In some cases, running your air conditioner during the winter months is a good idea.

For example, if you are planning on moving into a new home make sure you test the AC unit to see whether you need to make a few repairs or install a new one instead. 

Most people begin to consider purchasing an air conditioner for their homes only when the summer heat arrives.

However, those looking to buy and install a new unit, will be surprised by increased prices not only for the equipment but also for installation. For those looking to save money, there is a simple solution and that is to install air conditioning in the winter. 

So, before you purchase a new AC, read on to learn a few pros and cons that can help you choose the best option for you.


Better air quality

Air conditioners have filters that collect dust and pollen in the air, which can improve airflow quality. They filter out allergens that can be harmful to people’s health, resulting in a much healthier environment.

Furthermore, because the windows will be kept closed while the air conditioner is running, pollen particles that can cause allergies will be kept out.

However, clean air is only beneficial if you keep the AC clean and maintained. When the AC filters become too clogged with dust, the particles are circulated throughout the space, which can have the opposite effect.

So, check the filters on a regular basis and replace them. For example, if you live in Mississauga, Brampton, or near Lake Ontario, it’s a good idea to check with local contractors what type of air conditioner installation Mississauga and its surrounding area have to offer. 

Freeze mode protection during the winter

Some air conditioners have a freeze protection mode. Depending on your air conditioner, this mode is also known as minimum heat or low heat. It is useful in places where the winters are extremely cold. The AC is set to a low power setting and constantly provides warm air. This will make sure that the room temperature won’t drop below zero.

This mode aids in the protection of sensitive electronic equipment, water pipes, or paintings at a very low operational cost. You can control this mode from your phone by pairing your unit with a smart AC controller. This is especially useful if your unit is installed in places like vacation rentals.


Skin dehydration

While air conditioning can be beneficial to our health by circulating filtered, clean air, it can also be harmful to the skin by causing dryness. This is due to the fact that being in an air-conditioned room can cause the skin to lose moisture and become dry and possibly irritated. However, there are a few solutions to this problem including using a humidifier, moisturizing your skin, etc.

Increased electricity bills

Even though air conditioners are not as expensive to operate as you may believe, they will increase your electricity bills when compared to not having one. If you keep the AC constantly on, don’t be surprised by the increased amount on the electricity bill. So, keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing one.

Also, think about how frequently it’s likely to be running, so you can get an estimate of how much it will add to your electricity bills and whether it is worth it.


Most people believe that as long as the air conditioner is running, there will be no problems. To keep your air conditioner running smoothly, it must be serviced on a regular basis. As a result, you shouldn’t put off scheduling AC maintenance any longer if you want it to work properly.

Air conditioning units are complex devices, and while they are incredibly simple to use once installed, you will need to call in a professional if anything goes wrong with it or to perform an inspection to confirm everything is working properly. This must be factored into the cost of owning an air conditioning unit. 

Purchasing an AC unit in the winter seems to be a great choice for many reasons. Not only you can use it as a heater but it will also produce much better air quality. However, using an AC in winter has its disadvantages, too. You will need to keep your skin moisturized, so you can avoid extreme dryness. Don’t forget to run your AC unit in a scheduled time frame in order to avoid huge electricity bills.

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