Salmon Patties Recipe with Saveur Spices

These go by many names, salmon patties, salmon cakes, salmon burgers. No matter what you choose to call them they are great for you and yummy when seasoned right. The other day I took a dive and grabbed a sample of Spiced Beet Hummus mix from the new Saveur spice mine that came out yesterday. I much confess I have never had hummus. Something about the smell I just can’t get past. I decided to take a risk and get creative by adding it into a batch of my Salmon Patties.

Salmon Patties with Suaver Red Beet Hummus Mix

I stood nervously as my little sister looked it over and took a tentative bite of salmon having not tasted it myself yet. She has that knack for food and flavors that I lack and she is always a willing taste tester. She said they were amazing so I tentatively took a bite and she was right.

What you need

Saveur Red Beet Hummus mix

Make these great salmon patties

I love the pink color the beets give these salmon patties compared to the usual tan color of cooked salmon. Drain the juice from your can of salmon. I like to crush up the bones for nutrition. My grandmother always took them out. It is a personal choice.

Dump the salmon into a large bowl. Crack both eggs in.

Crack both eggs into the bowl.

Crush one pack of crackers and toss into the bowl.

Add in spices and mix with your hands then form into patties like a hamburger. You can get 4 to 6 patties depending on the size you make.

Heat oil about 1 cm deep in your favorite frying pan over medium heat. Fry for about 2 minutes each side until golden brown.

red beet hummus salmon patties Saveur spices

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