DIY Bath Bombs That Put LUSH to Shame

The new house has TWO bath tubs. After years of showers, you can guess that the tubes may be my favorite part of the house. I am the soak in a long luxurious bath with a good book kinda gal and life doesn’t get much better than that after a long day of hard work. One way to make it even better is BATH BOMBS. Of course, because I love to save money I prefer to make my own. These DIY bath bombs are better than anything you can pick up from Lush for a fraction of the price.

Matcha with Vanilla Green Tea & Chamomile

relax with these amazing Matcha Bath Bombs with Vanilla & Chamomile

These Matcha bath bombs smell amazing and they are great for your skin. I can’t get enough of how relaxing they are and they are the perfect use for the leftover matcha after I discovered I am not a big fan, after buying a big ol tin.

Peppermint Herb Bath Bombs

DIY peppermint herb bath bombs

When I need a pick me up or a good muscle soak I love to put peppermint in my bath. These peppermint herb bath bombs have peppermint and Epsom salts to help relax the muscles so you wake up less stiff the morning after a nice hard workout.

Dinosaur Eggs Bath Bombs

Dinoasaur egg bath bombs

Want a luxurious bath bomb for the kids? These dinosaur egg bath bombs are the perfect surprise bath bomb for kids. These could really be stuffed with any of your child’s favorite surprise blind bag minis.

Micky Mouse Bath Bombs

Micky Mouse Bath Bombs

Are you a Disney fan? These Micky Mouse Bath Bombs are perfect for your kids… or the kid in you. Not judging.

Glitter Bath Bombs

Glitter Bath Bombs

Like a bit of sparkle in your life. These cute glitter bath bombs are a great idea. I would swap out for a cosmetic fine glitter to limit the sparkle covering everything when you leave the bath.

Soothing Lavender Bath Bombs

Lavender bath bombs

Prefer a soothing lavender bath bomb for a relaxing bath. Add a little sparkle for a frugal homemade made luxury bath bomb.

Headache Soothing Bath Bombs

These headache soothing bath bombs are perfect for relaxing after a long day. The peppermint and lavender combo is a powerful headache killer.


More awesome bath bombs

Calming Kids Bath Bombs

These luxury bath bombs will put lush out of business


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