All About Bones Simple Homeschool Lesson Plans

This week we are settled into the new house and diving into our new school year. Our first theme for the year is the human body and we dove right in with a quick unit study on the skeletal system. Mother Goose Time sent us a great set of projects to explore the bones in the body including photos of real x-rays the children loved getting to see up close and personal.

Teaching Kids about Bones

Reading materials on the skeletal system.

We jumped right in with our Discovery Kids Encyclopedia of Everything to read about the skeletal system. Some other great books on our list include:

The bone book and Skeleton 

All About Bones

Bones In The Human Body! Anatomy Book for Kids

Hands on learning about the skeleton.

Human bones lesson plans

Mother Goose Time sent this cute project using the x-rays and strips of paper to inspire them to create their own skeletons and explore what is inside their bodies with a simple invitation to create.

Another great option is to make skeletons out of q-tips.

We pulled out our human body magnetic doll set from Melissa and Doug for the kids explore and to make things a bit more fun.

Teaching children about keeping healthy bones.

Simple Bones Unit Study

We took the time to discuss how exercise helps keep our bones healthy and strong. We used a Halloween skeleton from the Dollar Tree to show how our bones move at the joints and talk about the different bones in the body.

To help the children understand what foods build strong healthy bones a yogurt bar makes a fun addition. If you need something a bit simpler cheese makes a great dairy snack to discuss calcium.

I love how Mother Goose Time themes can be expanded to fit the educational needs of the older children helping reduce my stress levels so we can enjoy our homeschooling journey.

More lessons on the Human Body

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