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I love doing science experiments and projects is one of our favorite parts of homeschooling. We love trying new things and getting hands on. I love to watch the kid’s eyes light up as they learn something new. These experiments help my children fall in love with learning and make all of the hard work of homeschooling easier.

 Discover with Dr. Cool Glow in the Dark Slime Science Kit – A Classic DIY Children’s Project

There is nothing like a fun sensory project to get my kids to come running for a lesson. These slime experiments are great for teaching kids about chemical reactions and the variations of solutions. Owl just loves to mix up slime so it is always easy to get her to join us for science kits like this.

 4M Weather Science Kit

Weather is always a fun and fascinating subject for kids. This kit was handy when we did our weather unit. My son couldn’t get enough of learning how weather works hands-on.

 Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

My kids love to pretend they are spies solving mysteries. This science kit is a fun and exciting way to encourage them to learn while they are playing. Mine loved to learn how to collect fingerprints and explore DNA.

 4M Kitchen Science Kit

It is so much fun to learn science in the kitchen. These science activities are great for getting started with projects in the kitchen.

 JuniorScope Microscope for Kids – 3 Magnification Levels – 40x, 100x, 400x – Includes Slides, Science Experiments & Accessories – Portable Student Microscope

As a kid, my microscope was one my favorite things was my microscope. When I got my kids one they were more than excited to explore and look at pretty much everything under the microscope. When they got bored there where plenty of fun experiments to explore and learn with.

 National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine – Dig Up 15 Real Gems

We love to study geology. The kids have always enjoyed these sorts of kits to learn about how each and every stone and crystal we find. This gemstone mine is great for getting kids interested in crystals and gems much like when we visit a panning booth on one of our field trips. If your child collects rocks this will really appeal to them.

 Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

We had this set and the kids really enjoyed every experiment. We learned a lot of fun things from it and even learned how to make some of our own natural food dyes that helped to make cutting out food dyes easier.

 Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities

This big bag os science activities is perfect for children to have fun and learn all year. This is a great option for homeschool moms that want a full kit to use with their the there children all year long. These activities cover a large range of topics and are a great way to use items you have around the house to teach your kids something fun and new a couple times a week without a lot of work on your part.

 Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

I don’t know about you but my kids love everything gross and disgusting. This science kit is perfect for kids like mine to explore everything that makes you cringe.

 4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Kids love these crystal growing kits that help children watch and learn to understand the process of how crystals form in nature. When they are done growing kids love to put their creations on display and show everyone that visits. The more people they show and explain them too the better they will remember the lesson.

 The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab

The Magic School Bus is one of our favorites. I have a tendency to put it on Netflix when life gets busy and I need to give the kids something to while I get things done.  This Chemistry Lab kit lines up with what they are learning and it helps me create lessons around the show to help drive what they are learning home without too much work for me.

 Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit | Over 100 STEM Projects | 4-Color Project Manual | 30 Snap Modules | Unlimited Fun

My son wants to be an engineer and has a passion for learning how things work. He once took apart my vacuum… I never did get it back together. This safe science kit is perfect for feeding his passion and allowing him to discover how to harness and use electricity.

 Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with LED Light on Lid | Create Your Own Customized Mini Garden in a Jar that Glows at Night | Great Science Kits Gifts for Children | Kids Toys | by

We love learning about plants in our garden but as winter comes it can be difficult because plants can not grow and thrive like they can in the summer. This fun terrarium kit is perfect for allowing your child to explore the lifecycle of plants within this self-sustaining mini ecosystem.

 Playz Kaboom! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit – 25+ STEM Experiments – DIY Make Your Own Rockets, Helium Balloons, Fizzy Bombs, Color Explosions and More with Fun Chemical Reactions!

Something about explosive chemical reactions that make my kids excited to learn. I try to fit them in regular;y and this kit helps save me time and work while getting the kids to jump for joy over school time.

 Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

My kids just love Lego and this kit is perfect for using Lego they love to study motion, cause and effect, and learn while having fun.

 4M Magnet Science Kit

When it comes to finding things that will fascinate my kid’s fun things magnetism is always a fun subject. This magnet science kit is loads of fun for the kids to learn with and they don’t even realize they are working on school. These activities are fun and teach in a hands-on way.

 SPLASH! Water Science Kit, 23 STEM Activites, Making Tornadoes, Bubbles Experiments

When the weather turns warm I like to pull out the water activities. This kit helps you set up several activities where you just need to add water and go with the flow for fun play-based experimentation.

Amazing Science kits for your homeschool

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