How to get the Most from your Homeschool Planner

If there is any one particular thing that homeschool moms often have an obsession with it would be homeschool planners. Each fresh page is a new opportunity to fix the jumbled busy confusion that is our lives. Balancing home, family, and homeschooling can be a big challenge and we need all the help we can get. When you learn to get the most from your homeschool planner you will find that your life gets just a bit easier.

Get the most from your homeschool planner

Start with a planner that meets your needs.

Choose a planner with sections that fit your needs. Many homeschool planners come organized into subjects or sections for multiple students. This is great for sorting out the homeschool day and keeping on take whether you have one student or 5.

With so many planners available you can find one that fits your personal families needs or design a custom planner from a place like Plumb Paper. For many homeschool moms, a planner that offers a combination of homeschooling and home management tools is the best fit.

How to use your homeschool effectively

The hardest part of getting the most of your homeschool planner is that often we forget to use it. Not using our planner daily defeats the purpose and stops us from making the most of it. Set an alarm on your phone 2 or 3 times a day to remind you to use your planner and keep it with you in your bag when you leave the house. After a few weeks, it will become a habit to check your planner and to write plans in it.

Keep your planner close. If your planner is close by all day long you are more likely to reach of it and see what you had planned on your todo list. The more you open your planner the less likely you are to forget something you felt was important enough to write down in your planner. Personalize your planner to fit your needs and make it a daily part of your life that goes where you go.

How to get the Most from your Homeschool Planner

Use the monthly pages in your calendar effectively. Much like the large family calendar on your wall the monthly pages are perfect for adding big evens that are far ahead. Mark birthdays, big games, and events that with your co-op to help you always remember the big picture ahead. Copy your central family calendar to this to help you keep track and feel less overwhelmed.

For some families, homeschool planners never quite workout because writing lesson plans down well ahead of time doesn’t work for their learning style. These families can still benefit from a homeschool planner by using them to track vitals that need to be remembered like upcoming events and to track things they have done each day so they can have a clear record of what has been accomplished. Homeschool planners are personal and can be adapted to fit each families individual needs.

Tools for getting the most of your homeschool planner.


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