How to Sell Used Homeschool Curriculum

We have tried a lot of curriculum over the past few years. A LOT of it. Sometimes I think that the program will be the perfect fit for us and discover that is sadly not the case. It happens to all of us from time to time and it can be frustrating not knowing what to do when your curriculum just is not working for you. The good news is that while it may not have worked for you it may work for someone else and you can get some of your money back by selling your used homeschool curriculum.

How to fairly sell used curriculum.

Not all used homeschool curriculum can be sold. Children write in workbooks limiting their ability to be resold. Go through the workbook and see how much writing is in it. A page or two will lower the value of the book but most homeschool parents won’t mind buying it still because they can save a large chunk of money and find something else to do for those first few pages.

If your workbook is well written in before you decided to move on you can happily send the workbook with the main parts of the curriculum but it is best to price them as if the workbook is not included at all. The buyer will need to purchase a copy of the workbook.

For programs with accessories take time to check that every piece is with the curriculum ready to sell. If you find any pieces are missing disclose that in the sale listing and adjust the price accordingly.

Where to sell used curriculum

How to Sell Used Homeschool Curriculum

Facebook groups are one of the most effective places to sell homeschool curriculum. Joining homeschool curriculum buy, sell, trade groups is a great way to put your items out to a large group of potential buyers at once. If you are selling a popular curriculum you may find a buy, sell, trade group just for that program or publisher allowing you the chance to get sales a bit faster with a more targeted audience.

Join your local homeschool Co-op curriculum sale or swap. Many co-ops offer events allowing families to swap or sell curriculum they no longer want. Selling to your local homeschool co-op allows you to save on shipping and puts you in the right place to find the next round of curriculum to try. If your local co-op does not have another sale available it would be a great project to start.

Ebay is a great way to sell more valuable harder to find homeschool curriculum. The auction feature is a great way to make a bit more off more valuable hard to find homeschool curriculum you have sitting around.  List your curriculum in an honest fashion and share your listing in large homeschool facebook groups that allow you to share.

Trade your textbooks in on for a gift card you can use for new or used homeschool curriculum or any other items on This is a great way to get some money back for your homeschool curriculum without having to do any of the work yourself helping make your life easier.

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