How to Cook with Sage

When it comes to stable herbs Sage is one of my favorite savory options in the kitchen. Perhaps it is due to my affinity with breakfast sausage or my love of Italian dishes. I personally love this aromatic very green herbs for my kitchen. Sage has a strong earthy flavor that is essential in many of your favorite savory dishes. These simple tips will help your learn how to cook with sage.

How to cook with sage

How to cook with sage

Sage has a strong flavor perfect for savory dishes from breakfast sausage to slow-cooked roasts. To use fresh sage rip leaves from stalks and tear leaves dropping into the pot. You can easily grow your own sage or buy bundles at your local grocery store or farmers market. You can dry your own sage leaves or buy them dried in the spice aisle. Dried leaves can easily be ground in a mortar and pestle to help bring out a fresher flavor than buying pre-ground.

Sage pares well with beef, pork, and chicken. You most commonly taste sage in breakfast sausage and classic Italian marinara sauce. I love to toss some into my homemade spaghetti sauce. Tossing a little into beef stew always gives it a depth of flavor and aroma that makes everyone gravitate to the kitchen long before dinner is done.

Sage can be used to make herbed butter for cooking. Butter infused with sage is an amazing addition to eggs, chicken, and roasted vegetables. To make your own herbal butter simply melt butter and add your favorite herbs. Sage, thyme, oregano, basil, and rosemary all make amazing options for homemade herbs butter. Cool the butter in a container or place in ice cube trays for easy to grab and cook servings of herbal butter. I love to pour herb butter over potatoes before roasting and it is amazing for roasting a tender juicy Thanksgiving turkey.

For easy storage, you can place fresh sage in ice cube trays, fill with water, and freeze. Toss these herbal ice cubes into soups and stews when you go to cook them all winter long. This is a great way to mix all of your favorite herbs together to add to freezer prepared soups and stews. I love to prep meals for the freezer so I can just toss them in the instant pot or slow cooker and cook.

Herb-infused oils are amazing for cooking and using as a dressing. Place sage into a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and allow to infuse in a cool dark place for about two weeks before using. the longer it sits the stronger the flavor you will have. The last bits of oil will be the most flavorful. This can be used for making dressings or drizzled over grilled chicken. Much like herb butter herb-infused oil can be used for sauteing vegetables.  Sage oil makes an amazing addition to roasted potatoes.

Simple ways to cook with sage

how to cook with sage
  • If you make homemade bread you can add sage to your favorite herb bread recipe making it p3erfect to serve next too beef spice, roast lamb, or shepherds pie.
  • Sage makes a great addition to your Thanksgiving meal in everything from the turkey to the stuffing. The savory earthy flavor adds just the right touch to you holiday meal.
  • Sage is from the mint family and makes a great option for infusing water. Add sage and lemon together for a unique flavor you are bound to love.
  • Add to lighter flavored meats like chicken breast to give it a kick.

Sage has been used by generations for everything from cooking to aromatic incense to clear stale air. Giving sage a try is a great way to breathe life back into your kitchen.

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