Should Your Aging Parents Consider an Assisted Living Facility?

what is an assisted living facility? An assisted living facility is a facility for the disabled or aged people who are not or choose not to live independently. This facility is completely residential and can act as a second home to those who choose to leave their homes.

When looking for such a facility for your aging loved one, there are a few factors you should look out for. They include happiness, safety, and good care, which in this case will be for the rest of their life. It is also good to note that an assisted living facility is for people who need assistance with activities like eating, dressing, toileting, and bathing.

Is It Time to Consider a Facility for Your Parents?

Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one can be a daunting exercise, as a lot is put on the table. You need to make comparisons in terms of cost, quality of services offered, and sometimes distance from relatives. Looking at all these factors can leave you wondering whether or not it’s time to search for a facility for your own parent or parents.

Speaking With Your Aging Parents

Making a life-altering change means some long hard thoughtful decisions. The tips listed before can help you speak with your loved ones about the idea:

  • Express your love and concern: Your loved ones would want to know why they need to be apart from family. Having a conversation about it and letting them know that it is for their greater good can be helpful. You may mention a few examples of residents you have researched on, as 40% of residents in these facilities receive assistance with more than three daily activities. Such facts will help you and your loved one come to an agreement.
  • Highlight the benefits of assisted living: A lot of family members taken to an assisted living facility may have a disability or cannot do a few things on their own. For instance, 15% of American adults aged 18 and over have trouble hearing. This means that you would have them in an assisted facility for proper care when they are of age.

Medical Concerns

If your loved one has a hearing disability or any other disability, let them know that as a family, all you would want is for them to get the best care. You can always check with Medicare, which is a federal program that helps people with qualified disabilities and those 65 years and older obtain proper healthcare.

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an assisted living facility can be a big decision. Consider these tips as you’re researching:

  • Be realistic: Know what your loved one needs before sending them to a facility. This ensures that once you have them settled in, they have all of their needs met.
  • Consider your budget: Ensure that you can afford the facility you settle for. A good facility could mean more, so it is important to have a variety of facilities you can choose from to ensure you are not too strained.
  • Ask for the contact copy before signing: Avoid being in a rush to sign the contract. Remember, you are sending your loved ones off for care for the rest of their lives. Review the contract and make a wise decision as a family.

Sending your loved one off to an assisted living facility is not necessarily a bad decision. Your loved one has a chance to obtain proper health care, a better social life, and excellent assistance in tasks they are unable to do on their own. Your decision should be mainly based on the good your family member will experience for the period he or she will be at the facility.

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