Simple Tips for Building and Maintaining a Raised Bed Garden

Raised gardens are great for creating a clean garden with fresh nutrient-rich soil. If you live in an area with sub-par soil or have back issues that make getting on the ground difficult raised beds are a great option for you to have a garden you can enjoy despite difficulties. In Florida raised bed gardening was a must to grow with the dry sandy soil.

I have a few raised garden beds and a few in-ground garden beds in my current garden with some plans to use some raised beds and lattice trellises to create some privacy for our backyard. Here are some simple tips for building and maintaining a raised bed garden.

Simple Tips for Building a Raised Bed Garden

:: Gardening is a joy and raised beds are a great way to dress up your garden if you find yourself in need of hiding vegetables in your front yard. Build a raised bed in areas you need a nicer appearance for your garden using a fresh clean-looking wood stain to compliment your home. Opt for nice stove pavers, a deep stained wood, or paint the outside of your raised beds to compliment your house for some curb appeal.

:: Line your raised garden bed to keep soil in and contaminants from the ground under from leaching into your fresh clean soil. This can be done with land scape fabric. Opt for very tall raised beds if you are trying to eliminate the soil or simply use raised containers that have a bottom to keep your plants form soil contact.

:: Build the best garden soil possible. Buy organic mushroom compost in bulk to fill your raised bed garden for less. Avoid the cheap garden soil from your local hardware store as this can add up fast and is often subpar soil. Instead, contact a local landscaping company to have bulk soil delivered.

:: Opt for a taller garden bed if you have back, knee, or other physical limitations to allow you the freedom to the garden despite your challenges. Many people with injuries or aging bodies have found that raised beds allow them to keep enjoying their hobbies.

:: One drawback to raised beds is they have a tendency to dry out fast. Lining the bottom and edges with plastic can help keep the moisture in. Then top with plenty of mulch and if you can it does not hurt to run an irrigation system to them if it is in your budget.

:: Don’t be afraid to raised garden bed kits to make building amazing raised garden beds easy.

Simple tips to maintain your raised garden bed.

Simple Tips for Building and Maintaining a Raised Bed Garden

:: Treat and exposed wood as often as you do your deck to help maintain the wood and prevent rotting. Your raised beds if treated kindly will last years. Remember if you are growing edible plants you need to keep your treatments food safe.

:: Keep your raised garden beds mulched to help retain moisture and keep plenty or organic matter turned into the soil every season. Pay extra attention to your raised bed garden in the summer to help your garden survive the summer heat.

:: Rotate what grows in your beds each season and add plenty of fresh compost to the soil to keep it fresh and nourished through the years.

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