Sunflower Kids Craft

I pulled this sunflower craft out of the Art themed box from last summer. I may have a list of these simple activities for days I don’t have energy for much. Quite handy these days. This sunflower one could be done even by the youngest of the children alone wich meant I could lay down to rest for a few. It also went well with this month’s birds theme.

Sunflower kid craft

This great simple kids craft took only minutes for them to do and was perfect for us to talk about how birds eat the seeds from sunflowers.

Make your own easy sunflower craft for kids

  • Yellow construction paper cut into a flower shape
  • Unsalted sunflower seeds (in the shell)
  • Green jumbo craft stick
  • School glue

Glue seeds to the center of your sunflower and the craft stick stem to the back for this easy craft.

Sunflower kids craft

Mother Goose Time made life easy for me and gave me a break to rest by packing everything we needed besides glue into one bag ready to go. I am so grateful to have them making my life easier. I did pull out a pack of sunflower seeds to add to the ones included so we would have enough. I believe that is why this project ended up in the save for later bin.

This craft was originally for teaching the children about Vincent van Gogh’s painting Sunflowers but made the perfect addition to talking about food for birds and seeds as we learn about nature for Earth Day. This would have made a great addition to our Seeds Unit Study as well. I just love how the Mother Goose Time themes work together and build on each other for the older kids that can remember old units.

this easy sunflower craft is perfect for young kids

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