Teaching Kids about Space

Space is wildly fascinating because we all wonder what is out beyond our reach. Space is truly one of the funniest topics to teach kids about and the resources at your disposal are endless.

This post is a compilation of everything we have on teaching your child about space and we will keep adding to it.

Units and curriculum for teaching kids about space.

Sums in Space math game

Books and fun stuff for teaching kids about space

These books, games, and projects to pick up will help you make teaching your kids about space fun and exciting.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Exploring Creation Through Astronomy.

Check out this fun curriculum for kids that helps children use astronomy to connect to their faith.

Memoria Press Astronomy Curriculum.

If you prefer a Classical education approach to teach kids about space you will love this curriculum from Memoria Press.

Check out our Space unity study and FREE printables

We added a couple free printables for you readers to help teach your kids about space.

Activities, crafts, and fun stuff to teach kids about space.

Space sensory bin

Space Sensory Bin

I could not resist when we found space-themed pasta. This easy sensory bin is loads of fun.

Comet Tails craft

Shooting Stars and Comet Tails

Fun activities for teaching kids about shooting stars.

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