The Best Seasonings For Ground Beef

With the cost of meat we have to make sure not a single bite goes to waste. One important thing you can do to prevent food waste is to ensure you are choosing the right seasonings. After browning your ground beef be sure to separate the fat to make homemade beef tallow instead of tossing out your grease, then try these seasonings to add fresh flavor that will make every dish shine.

Remember that seasonings are one of the best things you can stock in your kitchen to make cheap foods taste better and go further. These herbs and spices are the perfect start for taco seasoning and chili seasoning.

The best seasonings for ground beef

  1. Salt and Pepper:

  1. Let’s start with the basics. Salt and pepper are the foundation of any good seasoning blend. The salt enhances the natural flavors of the beef, while pepper adds a subtle kick. Use freshly ground black pepper and a coarse salt to ensure a well-balanced seasoning.

  1. Garlic Powder:

  1. Garlic and beef are a match made in culinary heaven. Adding garlic powder to your ground beef imparts a savory and aromatic quality that complements the meat’s richness. Strike a balance by starting with a moderate amount, as a little goes a long way.

  1. Onion Powder:

  1. Onion powder brings a sweet and savory depth to ground beef. It provides a milder flavor compared to fresh onions, making it a versatile choice for various dishes. The powder form ensures an even distribution of flavor throughout the meat.

  1. Paprika:

  1. For a touch of smokiness and a hint of sweetness, consider adding paprika to your ground beef. This spice not only imparts a beautiful color but also contributes a unique flavor profile that enhances the overall taste of your dish.

  1. Cumin:

  1. Cumin adds warmth and earthiness to ground beef, making it an excellent choice for dishes like tacos and chili. Its aromatic qualities bring a touch of the exotic, elevating your dish to new heights. Start with a modest amount and adjust to taste.

  1. Chili Powder:

  1. If you love a bit of heat, chili powder is your go-to seasoning. It combines various spices like cayenne, paprika, and cumin, delivering a robust flavor with a kick. Adjust the quantity based on your heat preference, ensuring a perfect balance of spice.

  1. Italian Seasoning:

  1. For a Mediterranean twist, consider using Italian seasoning. This blend typically includes herbs like oregano, thyme, and basil, adding a burst of freshness to your ground beef. Ideal for pasta sauces, meatballs, and more.

  1. Worcestershire Sauce:

  1. While not a traditional dry seasoning, Worcestershire sauce deserves a mention for its ability to add umami and depth to ground beef. A splash of this savory sauce enhances the overall flavor profile, creating a richer and more complex taste.

How to save money on ground beef

Saving money on meat these days can be a big challenge. Take some time to look for sales on ground beef to stock your freezer, make beef tallow from the grease, and use fillers like oats and black beans to make your meat go further.

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