The Essentials for Every House Painter

Whether you are a homeowner or renting, painting is a great way to improve your home’s appearance. Besides choosing the paint color for your room, there are other things you need to have when painting a room. Having the right tools is the key to polished walls. Here are some of the essentials you need to paint your room with ease.

Skip Trowel

A trowel is used to create unique designs on walls by applying texture, a technique called orange peel texture. Before using the tool, it is essential to ensure that the surface to be painted is washed. Clean the surfaces with a detergent and water to remove grease and grime. 

Once the walls are dry, a dry compound is applied to create texture to the surfaces. The compound has to be in the right consistency to stick well. Use a roller to spread the compound until it looks like the popcorn ceilings. This is where the trowels come in. A trowel may come in different sizes and thicknesses. Therefore, it’s recommended that you find one that suits your painting tasks. It is crucial to note that the skip trowel is different from the one used in the garden. The painting trowel is used to spread the compound or paint, making the walls even and smooth.

Drop Cloth

Regardless of how careful you can be with the job, there will be spills. Painting a house without drop clothes is a sign of unprofessionalism. You will spend more time and effort to clean up the mess than it would have been with the right drop cloths. Therefore, you need to protect the room well before you start painting. Drop cloths will save your furniture and floors from unwanted paint spills and splatters. 

Four materials are used as drop clothes: plastic, poly, paper, and canvas. Most homeowners use plastic when painting. However, professional painters prefer canvas because it can be used to cover everything. Also, the canvas is puncture resistant, which means it won’t tear in the event of painting. Your valuable items require protection the next time you will be painting your walls. 

Painter’s Tape

The tape is used to cover the areas that should not be painted. It is used because it allows the tape to be removed easily without damaging the surface or leaving residue. The painter’s tape is available in various strengths. Some people use the household masking tape, but it is a low-grade and weak adhesive. 

Due to its versatility, painters tape can be used on any surface. When you are painting the window sill, you can put the tape on the window glass. The tape is also used to create attractive patterns and designs on the walls.

When purchasing painting tools, it is important to go for quality tools, prepare adequately, and work carefully. Do not go for cheap devices such as the masking tape instead of the painter’s tape as this would mess the quality of your work. Before starting your painting job, ensure your surfaces are clean. Cover up the areas that will not be painted to avoid paint spilling over and making your cleaning work harder. Worse still, paint can destroy some household items. 

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