The Most Underrated Places To Live In The US

The USA is home to nearly twenty thousand incorporated places which includes villages, towns, boroughs, and cities.  Due to the sheer size of our country, combined with this number of places, most of them have populations of less than ten thousand, and a mere eighty-nine of them have more than a quarter of a million residents.

It’s safe to say that there are plenty of spaces to choose from when searching for somewhere to live, and there are some phenomenal areas that get overlooked in favor of more notable areas such as New York City and Austin.

However, choosing these more popular destinations means that you’ll have to contend with bustling crowds and higher costs of living, from groceries to housing. Here are our choices for the most underrated places to live in the US and what makes them a great choice.

Knoxville, Tennessee

One of the great things about cities like Knoxville is that they are generally well below the national average when it comes to the cost of living. Many people have flocked to state capitals and have even moved to other states altogether for a better chance of work.

This took people away from these fantastic places to live and saturated the populations of larger cities, causing prices to shoot up, massively. Now that remote working is becoming the norm in most businesses, young professionals and expert old-timers alike are turning their attention away from large cities to smaller ones like Knoxville.

Cities like this are a great place to consider raising a family for example, with better levels of safety for a city compared to the sprawling cityscapes of Los Angeles and Chicago.

San Antonio, Texas

A city with a real small-town feel, The Alamo City is by far one of the best places to move to when searching for something new and fresh. Many veterans relocate to San Antonio as it’s a popular military city with air force, army, and US Defense Department facilities around the city.

As well as being home to a lot of military personnel, San Antonio also has some great historical significance surrounding the Spanish-American war. For those who love history, visiting places such as the famous Alamo fort and knowing that you’re living in a place that had such an impact on the state of the country is a great feeling.

San Antonio is also becoming very much a part of the modern world, combining southern Texas living with progressive ideology, making it a popular destination among young professionals. 

Aiken, South Carolina
Switching things up slightly, Aiken in South Carolina really does have a small-town vibe to it. Mainly because it actually is a small town. Perfect for retirees and younger folks alike, due to the calming nature of the place, Aiken has been dubbed as one of the best small towns in the south and for good reason.

Aiken and other places like it are becoming more popular by the day, so finding yourself a property here would best be done sooner rather than later. If it’s something you’d be interested in, you can find real estate via EZ Home Search. Many people fear that small towns will feel too isolated and have very little to offer other than peace and quiet.

However, Aiken boasts many great stores downtown, as well as eateries, bars and coffee shops. There is also a great music scene too, making it a great little place for relaxed yet fun living. 

Buffalo, New York

Whenever someone talks about moving to New York, we generally think about places like downtown Manhattan or Queens. However, the state of New York is home to many other fantastic towns and cities, and luckily, the domineering NYC helps these surrounding areas remain relatively free from overpopulation.

Buffalo is a very affordable city, situated near Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls. As people are more freely considering their living options today, places like this are becoming even more popular due to their stunning scenery and great cost of living.

Buying a home or renting an office space in Buffalo is much more accessible than in the middle of New York City. Starting a business in Buffalo could be a great choice, as you’ll also benefit from the huge talent pool that the city boasts, especially from the popular colleges and universities that populate the city.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

With a more than reasonable cost of living, Albuquerque is a great choice for young professionals looking to buy their first property and get started on their careers. Many properties here boast a pueblo revival aesthetic, which, when combined with the stunning desert colors of New Mexico, makes you feel as though you could be living on another planet altogether. These gorgeous buildings align perfectly with the desert seasons, insulating from cold nights and shielding you from the hot mid-summer sun. New Mexican cuisine is also an incredible feature of living in Albuquerque. Combining native American and Mexican ingredients, and in some cases infusing that with other American dishes and ingredients, the food of New Mexico is mouth-wateringly good. If you’re a foodie, you’ll fall in love with the cuisine very quickly.

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