The Top Summer 2022 Home Trends

The increased daylight and warm weather are the main factors that make summertime ideal for home renovation projects. Homeowners consider various things, such as efficiency, cost-effectiveness, return on investment, and the amount of time when undertaking summer home improvement projects. Below is a list of top summer 2022 home trends.

Kitchen Trends

Every homeowner loves a stylish kitchen, whether you own a small apartment or a spacious home. The kitchen is considered the hub of the house for cooking a favorite dish and entertaining loved ones. Below is a list of 2022 kitchen trends to try out this summer.

  • Butcher block countertops: Most homeowners have switched their attention from granite trends to other materials such as wood. Butcher block countertops have beauty and functionality and add an authentic and rustic feel to the kitchen. They can withstand heavy daily use and are highly durable with proper maintenance. Most homeowners consider major kitchen features, including backsplashes, countertops, and sinks, when doing kitchen remodeling, according to Houzz.
  • Crafted features: The trend takes outside indoors and creates a timeless home environment. The style focuses on bringing materials, textures, and colors from the outside world to create an intentional and authentic feel. The vibrant tones get their inspiration from the sky, earth, and sea, which elevate the home’s atmosphere with green and blue handcrafted features. Wood counters, natural stone, and stone and wood-effect floors are incorporated into this trend to add authenticity and texture.

Lighting Trends

Good lighting energizes our bodies as it brings warmth to the living space. The primary objective during summer is to allow more natural daylight into the house and integrate more subtle lighting. Below is a list of 2022 summer lighting trends.

  • Skylights: Installing a skylight in the kitchen, whether in the dining area or over the worktop station, provides a pattern of shade and light changes in the evening, providing a natural sensation. Install ceiling lights if the kitchen’s architecture cannot handle a skylight.
  • LEDs and OLEDs: LEDs are considered cooler and energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, making them ideal for summer lighting. They are continually becoming popular as the technology keeps improving, and most homeowners constantly embrace them. Organic LEDs (OLEDs) are not bright or efficient compared to inorganic LEDs, but they are adequate for task lighting and have a diffuser to scatter the light. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED bulbs last up to 5 times longer than CFL and 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Fabric shades for floor and table lamps: Anything attenuating artificial light during summer is crucial. Use fabric shades to soften the light to make the most of floor and table lights. Use patterned fabrics or brightly colored pastels, which enhance the summer feel regardless of whether the lights are off or on.
  • Reading lights: Experts say that the blue light emitted by digital devices such as mobile phones is unsuitable for sleep. Install standard or adjustable overhead reading lights on the bedside table to allow the light to be localized and task-oriented. LEDs are preferred as they are energy efficient, cooler, and have a versatile design.

Carpet Cleaning Trends

Carpets get strained during summer due to various activities, including gardening, backyard barbecues, and family outings. Dirt finds its way inside the house, and cleaning your carpets with the help of a professional is essential. Having a cleaner and healthier home allows you to enjoy the comfort brought by the summer season. Below is a list of home trends to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets during summer.

  • Use doormats: Using doormats helps protect your carpets from dirt and dust from outside. Placing doormats at entryways helps absorb dirt from shoes by creating a protective area. Consider purchasing one made from an absorbent material as it is best for removing moisture, dirt, and mud.
  • Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming helps to remove allergens, dirt, and dust from carpets and rugs. It also minimizes the wear and tear on the carpet fibers due to dirt and sand particles. Increase the frequency of vacuuming, especially during summer and if you have pets and children in your home.
  • Treat stains immediately: Clean up stains or spills immediately once they occur. 70% of homeowners tend to move furniture to cover carpet stains instead of cleaning them. Spills that take longer to get cleaned are hard to remove. You can get professional help or use a clean and dry cloth to absorb spills from the carpet.

You should consider hiring a professional if you plan to spruce up your home interior with summer home trends. The expert will guide you with interior design ideas and install the necessary designs in your home.

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