5 Minute Cherry Cheesecake

Cherries are in season and everyone has cherries on the mind. Judging by the traffic to my homemade cherry jelly many of you are thinking the same thing. This is great because the sales are doing amazing and you can make your own cherry pie filling for later but with this 5-minute cherry cheesecake you can cheat a little I won’t tell.

This 5 minute cheery cheesecake is super easy, quick, and uses very few ingredients so you can toss it together in minutes. It will take more time hanging out in the refrigerator waiting to be served when you are putting it together.

Why you will love this cherry cheesecake

This cheese cake is a no-bake option perfect for hot summer days and can be a great way to get a treat made for guests when you are in a hurry to go to a summer party. Because you are tossing together ready-made ingredients everything is all about assembling and no one can tell. I use the same trick for this caramel apple cheesecake.

What you need to make this Cherry Cheesecake

How to make 5 minute cheery cheesecake

Start by crushing your gram crackers. This can be done right in the package or in your mixxing bowl.

Mix together your sugar, butterm, and gramcracker crubs until crubly.

Press into the bottom of your pan. I used a spring form pan but you can use any pan you would like.

Add in your cheesecake filling and smoothe out.

Top with cherry pie filling.

Chill until ready to serve. If it is very hot the day you are serving you can chill int he freezer to keep it from melting when you serve as this is softer than regular cheesecake.

Simple ways to make this cherry cheesecake your own

Spicing things up a bit can help make your cheesecake appear even more homemade if you are looking to draw attention to everyone’s new favorite cheesecake. Try adding deep grooves with a butter knife to your smoothed cheesecake top before putting the cheery pie filling on top to make the cherry swirl into the cheesecake.

You can add some cinnamon to the gram cracker crust to help make it harder to tell that your cheesecake wasn’t a completely from scratch recipe.

Try serving with some no-churn ice cream with cherry pie filling added to make the whole thing stand out and add a cold treat on a hot day.

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