They do as They are Told.

Tonight at the store I heard one of the most sickening things of my life…

human trafficking

A: “Do you prefer boys or girls? I have both”

B: “I like both… ha”

A: “What kinda build do you like in boys?”

B: “Sturdy”

A: “Wide shoulders? Large chest?”

B: “Yeah that works for me”

A: “That’s good. In my experience boys listen better than girls. They do as they are told. Girls like to fight.”

B:”Yeah. Haha”

They continued to go on to arrange a meet up for that night. I made a report but it was too late to protect that child. I met up with a task force of FBI agents the next day to point out the employee that was the buyer. Two young looking femail FBI agents sweet talked him out of his name, phone number, and even Facebook url all the while he had no Idea these girls that looked extreamly young where armed FBI agents. Months drug on and eventually the employee disapeared. Then shortly after they made an anouncment that 120 children where rescued in the bust. Only one over the age of 18. 120 LOCAL missing children found and returned to loved ones.

When I think back on all of this I think back to that day on the other side of town where they where using the easter bunney to pull children in and the group of young kids walking all alone nearby. I wonder if those children where in there. I wonder how many children didn’t survive that ring and how long until they replace the children that where rescued from that life.

THAT. THAT is the reality of the world we live in today. Human trafficking of children is a reality and it happens every day in places you would never expect. In this case it was the school supply isle of a store I frequent. As a parent this scary reality is something I have to fear every time I take my kids out of the house. I have had to teach my kids to fight back and how to draw attention  if they are grabbed.

Human Trafficking and Our Children

Human trafficking is a reality. Something many over look as consensual adults. Often drug addicts walking the streets, well known hot spots like 8 mile or Orange Blossom Trail. The reality is much darker. Sickening. Tragic. Tonight hundreds of children will be forced into rooms alone with someone that paid for the privilege of abusing them, making sick fantasizes come to life at expense of a child. And those children. They lose everything.

How you can help stop human trafficking.

Keep your eyes and your ears open. When you notice something like I did tonight report it. You can call local law enforcement or head online for live chat on National Human Trafficking Hotline website, call 1-888-373-7888, or Text: 233733.

Be mindful of where products you purchase come from and do not buy items made with slave labor.

Be involved in your community and an advocate for victims. Gather donations for charities that help survivor get back on their feet. IF you own a business offer open jobs to human trafficking survivors.



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