10 Things Every Crafter needs

The list every crafter needs

Do you want to start crafting? Do you walk into the craft store and feel lost? Or worse do you walk out without something you truly need and have NO idea until it is too late? If you are like me you get lost in the craft store really easily and walk out will all manner of items that you have no use for… With the right list in hand, you can freely browse the clearance and sales knowing just what will get plenty of use.


Crafter need several types of paper to cover various uses.

Craft paper has unlimited uses from packaging and wrapping paper to  paper for creating pattern craft paper is an economical multi use paper for your home.

Wax paper makes crafts that would stick to a surface a breeze as well as works to protect projects and keep them from sticking together.

Newspaper is essential for any type of crafter. Newspaper helps you keep your craft area clean and tidy preventing stains on the floor and table tops.

Tissue paper is essential for storing and protecting your most delicate crafts and supplies. Tissue paper makes a great presentation of crafts you sell.


Glue keeps things together. For most crafts you need it to keep your creation together. Craft glue, fabric glue, hot glue, and even super glue. Acetone is handy to keep on hand for removing glue in unwanted places.


From spray paint to acrylic and watercolors paint has unlimited uses.  Spray paint the base of your craft for an instant new look. Store paints in a cool dry place.

Craft knife

You never know when you will need a good craft knife.  Many sets come with changeable blades for different jobs. When using on paper you will need a cutting mat to protect your tabletop. A craft knife will give you a precise cut you can not get from scissors.


The sharpest of scissors are essential for crafting. Dull scissors bend paper and fray fabric. A sharpener can keep high quality scissors sharp and smooth.


10 Things Every Crafter Needs

Every crafter needs pencils. An erasable way to mark needed cuts, lines to paint, or anything else can make crafting go smoother so you can enjoy what you do.


Securing items is a breeze with a stapler from re upholstering to attaching wire to the back of a wreath all of he bases are covered. If you do large crafts and are a bit on the brave side a staple gun can be a fun addition to your supplies.


Even crafters that do not sew can often find use for bits of fabric to cover different areas. Wrap silk flowers or the base of a wreath with a nice fabric for a new look.


Storing craft supplies nice and neat is essential to keep from losing things you need Good storage makes crafting easy and fun allowing your creativity to flow. Shelves, boxes, and up-cycled glass jars can turn a disaster area into a crafters dream.


A camera is essential to record your hard work. Many crafters sell their creations and good camera allows you to showcase your work for sale. If you create small crafts a camera with a macro setting.

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