Bacon Cheese Spread

As the weather cools to a bearable temperature and the season of potlucks and weekend parties is back in full swing. Walking down the snack aisle with my husband a bacon cheddar popcorn seasoning caught his eye.

He instantly went into a chat about the value of the MRE (ready-to-eat meal) Bacon Cheese Spread.

Why the MRE Bacon Cheese Spread?

The perfect dip for your next gathering.

Well if you ask a military man what is the best thing you can find in an MRE the response is either candy or bacon Cheese Spread.

As a treat I decided to make a better homemade version for my husband to enjoy. It turned out better than I expected and it was just as easy as making a batch of Queso. This would make a great dip for your next get-together. If you are a military family this with some crackers, pretzels, or chips would make a fun dish to bring to the next FRG meeting.

Party Dip Military styleYou will need these simple ingredients to copy the MRE Bacon Cheese Spread.

Ok it is not a copy more of an improvement…

Make your own MRE Bacon Cheese Dip

Cook the bacon until crispy and easy to break up into bits. Save two teaspoons of bacon grease.

Dice the bacon into small bits.

Chop these cheese for faster melting and melt in a pot or the microwave.

Mix the bacon and bacon grease into the melted cheese. Stir well.

Serve warm and if it cools and thickens just melt again and continue to enjoy.

Where will you take this dip? Football party? Bible study? FRG meeting? USO potluck?

See you around with my party dipper food warmer crock (pictured above) of nice warm Bacon Cheese Dip.

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