Benefits of Board Games For Kids

The Benefits of Board Games for KidsAs the holidays roll in it is time to think about gifts for growing minds.  As bright shiny Toy ads start arriving in your mail box, shoved into your Sunday paper and  plastered across every web page. Inside those glossy ads you will find amazing discounts on new and classic board games. In this computer age are board games worth it?

Simply put, yes. Board games allow children to unplug from the ADHD inducing screens that turn an other wise healthy child into an easily distracted couch potato.

Board games bring families together.  A lot is to be said for the classic family game night. Kids come together with loving family members building life long bonds. The more time you spend with your child the closer you will grow and the more they will trust you when it really matters.

Kids can fine tune fine motor skills with fun board games like Don’t break the ice.

Practice spelling in a fun interactive way with games like Scrabble and Boggle.

Board games like Yahtzee can make math fun and exciting.

Board games are a great way to get kids learning without them even realizing what they are doing. Education is best when it it FUN and ACTIVE.

Board games help your young child build confidence. Many of us have a habit of letting our toddlers and young preschoolers win that exciting game of Candy Land where they learn colors and counting as thy fly across the board determined to reach the finish before you do. When they win they feel as if they have truly accomplished something exciting.

Kids learn sportsmanship with board games. No one can win every time and playing as a family allows you to set an example of good sportsmanship and help your child deal with the heart break of causing the Jenga tower to come crashing down.

Learning with Board GamesBoard games do not have to be fancy and you can even make some up on your own. Our wonderful award winning boxed preschool curriculum Mother Goose Time comes with wonderful board games the kids can enjoy each month. The children look forward to these games and get plenty of time with developing skills and lots of verity.

This year we plan to add several new games to our family game collection and find new ways to use old games because sometimes the games you come up with on your own are even more fun.

What are your favorite board games for kids?


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