Things to Do When Leaving Your House to A Sitter

It’s okay to lose yourself sometimes and want to take a week off or two from everything. A vacation could be welcoming at this point, and beautiful sceneries wish you to heed to the call.  You could choose to have the most enjoyable holiday in any destination of your choice. What is probably bothering you is your house. You are torn between staying indoors or going away from there, but you can’t, of course, leave the house without someone to look after it. Well, you need to worry no more as house sitters got you sorted.

What is house sitting?

House sitting is whereby you, the homeowner, leave your home for some time and entrusts someone to look after it. The people who look after homes when owners are away are the homesitters. You need to come into terms with the house sitters on what they should do and what they can’t do while you’re away.  You can find house sitters anywhere, even in online sites. You use to choose from one of the trusted house sitters Australia has got from any site or any company offering the services. However, before leaving a house sitter to take care of your home, there are some things you should do. Let’s see what are those.

Give emergency numbers

This may seem pretty obvious, but you should leave them. You can never know what can happen when you’re away, and you may be out of reach, but your emergency contacts get to be informed.  You should make sure you leave them one or two numbers as this eases communication and makes everything easy.


When you’re on your vacation doesn’t just have fun and forget you left someone to take care of your home. Build up communication with the house sitter to earn their trust and build up their loyalty to you. Never should you stop communicating when away? Make sure to ask them if they’re ok or they need something. You have to take good care of them if you want them to take good care of your home.  

Give out responsibilities

Simply because you’re out of your home doesn’t mean that life stops. Remember, what goes on daily must go on. For example, if you clean the compound daily or the litter person collects liter weekly, that must happen. Tell the housekeeper every detail of each task that is carried out daily to avoid coming back to meet a different home. Most people will hire house sitters because of their pets. If you have pets, you need to have chosen one of the trusted houses sitters Australia has to take care of your home. Make sure you get someone who will treat your pet like you handle it. Otherwise, you’ll get home and find that your pet ran away.

With the right person house sitting you’re home, you’ll have nothing to worry about as all will be well taken care of without your presence. Just have time to yourself or even to your friends if you’re in a group camp.

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