Things to Remember If the Water Pipes in Your Property Burst

The dreaded words that no one wants to hear or see; the water pipes in your property have burst. As a homeowner and a tenant, we work hard to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen. So, where do you go when it does happen? Where do you start?

Try not to panic – admittedly this can be hard in situations like this – and allow us to assist. We have compiled a helpful list of things to remember if the water pipes in your property have burst. 

Turn it Off

Before launching headfirst into the restoration and clean-up process, you will want to do the most obvious thing; turn the water supply off. This will prevent any further water escaping into your property and causing more damage.

Furthermore, turning on a faucet in your home will allow a safe escape route for any water that has become trapped in the pipe during the switching off process. Once you have completed these two steps, you are then free to contact a contractor to help you deal with the aftermath. 

Call for Help

Once your home has been secured, it is time to call a contractor to inspect the damage and how best to fix it all.

Whether you contact a designated plumber or an all-round contractor, the choice is yours, and often depends on the level of damage in your home; if the water has got into the woodwork and foundations of your home, you will most certainly need an all-round expertise.

You will need the help of a company which provides water damage restoration and mold removal.

Mold removal services are helpful in times when you have been away from the property for some time, and a water leak has occurred, resulting in the growth of mold within the property.

Companies such as DryMetrics provide a wide range of water damage restoration services, with something suitable for any incident. Any company which provides water damage restoration services is what you will need to properly assess the damage in your home. 

Once you have contacted a contractor to visit your property, you will also need to contact your insurance provider to put in a claim.

Make sure you have important policy information at hand to make the process easier and to take photos of any damage in the property to further support the claim, and don’t feel embarrassed. You are not the first person that this has happened to, and you won’t be the last. 

Consider Future Prevention

After you have completed everything else, make sure to begin the restoration process by ensuring you have preventative measures in place, to minimize the risk of something like this happening in the future.

If it is the case that you have been away from the property for some time, consider asking a trusted neighbor to sporadically check on the property, or consider shutting the water supply off before you leave and emptying the pipes.

Properly insulating the pipes and boiler in the property will also minimize the chances of this happening again. There are ways to fix this and to prevent it from happening again, so don’t panic! 

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