How to Save Money on Home Renovations… the Right Way!

Fall is a popular time for Erie residents to undertake home renovations. No longer dogged by the sweltering summer heat, and looking ahead to a freezing winter, homeowners find fall the sweet spot for getting things done around the house. 

But what if you don’t want to shell out a sizeable amount of money? What if you want to make meaningful home improvements without emptying your pockets? Luckily, there are ways. 

To be more precise, there are right and wrong ways. The wrong way to save money on home renovations is to cut corners on quality products or attempt a DIY project out of your league. Both of those errors can end up costing you more in the long run, as you re-fix your mistakes or suffer the short service life of an inferior product. 

To learn more about the right ways to save money on fall home improvements, read on. 

Make a Budget and Stick to It

One of the single most significant money-savers has nothing to do with coupon clipping, deal hunting, or corner-cutting. It has to do with planning. 

A primary reason homeowners go over budget is – put bluntly – they didn’t have a budget to begin with. Set a reasonable dollar amount that you are comfortable with, and stick within that budget

Keeping a project binder is a great way to help keep your budget for your home projects on track.

Shop Around for Professionals

Don’t just go with the first plumber your cousin suggests. Don’t settle for the first tiler that comes up on Google. Instead, do your research. With a little digging around on your part, including price comparisons and multi-party negotiations, you can procure better quality services at a lower price.

With this simple step, you trade a bit of your time for a lot of money back. 

Buy Quality Products from Canada

Just north of Pennsylvania lies a manufacturing hub home to a lot of great deals – it’s called Canada. Whether you’re looking for new windows and doors, new cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, or general home improvement supplies, Canada has the same abundant quality to offer as here in the USA. Because of their weaker dollar, however, the supplies and products are often less expensive. 

Wait for Sales

If you have the patience, wait for things to go on sale. This will take some active searching on your part but can result in a significant decrease in product cost.

Couple this tip with the tip above, and shop for deals in-store or online for items like caulk, tools, and plumbing supplies. When you inevitably find the deal you’re looking for, you’ll be glad you took the effort to search. 

Take it Slow

This last tip is more of a cash-flow argument than a total savings argument, but it’s still valid. The vast majority of homeowners aren’t just sitting on a single chunk of change. Your ability to improve your home via cash outflows (money you pay manufacturers, tradespeople, etc.) is contingent on ongoing cash inflows (your salary).

To “save money” in a cash-flow sense, take your home improvements slow and don’t try to tackle everything at once. That way, you’ll still have liquid assets for enjoying life. 

If you’re beginning home renovations this fall, follow these simple tips to save money the right way!

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