Fixing a Stuck 1/4 Turn Shut Off Valve

The decision to move into the house I bought last spring so I can work on it was a great choice. Days making it over here were few and far between with work, school, and well life in the way. Here projects meld into everyday life and I can smile knowing my home is getting done. Even if we have had to get a bit creative.

While working 9on re-plumbing the kitchen sink I discovered NOTHING would turn the new shark bite ¼ turn shut-off valves. These shut-off valves were stuck and I kinda needed them right that moment.

Simple tip to fix a stuck shut off valve

Fixing stuck shut-off valves

At first, I tried nearly every tool at my disposal to turn the shut-off valves praying it was not me being too weak to turn. A logical possibility for a newly nursing mom. Wrench pliers, both… Nothing worked.

In pure desperation, I discovered how to five these stuck shark-bite valves and kicked myself over how easy it was.

You will need:

  • Pliers
  • Philips head screwdriver.

To fix your stuck ¼ turn shut-off valves be it they are new or just stuck already installed start by shutting the water off if you are connected.

Unscrew the small Philips head screw going through the center of the valve handle.

Completely remove the handle.

Use pliers to turn the valve a few times to help get it moving freely.

Place the handle back on and replace the screw.

Turn the handle to ensure it is now moving freely. Repeat adding a bit of WD40 if needed.

Fixing stuck shut off valves

There you go. Your valve is ready to go and you don’t have to call the hulk to come help. Simple fixes go a long way to making your home better than ever.

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