Team Building For Kids

When people find out you are homeschooling one of the first things they question is socialization. Oh, how that question drives me crazy! This year our early childhood curriculum included a great change that makes teaching the children of all ages to work as a team a bit easier. These “Community challenges” Make great team building activities.

team building for kids

Mother Goose Time has always build basic citizenship skills into the program something that attracted me to it in a world where these skills are becoming less and less common. Each morning I make a point to add these community activities into the children’s morning circle time. We have been so much better about sneaking that in than we used to be.

Simple actives like working together to blow over paper tubes or sing a song together helps them learn and develop. Having a multi-age homeschool it helps them get a bit to do together before they go different directions.

You can do these at home to help your children learn to work as a team which one day will go a long way to making it through the day. Each day find a small group activity to work as a team. After a few days, you will see a difference in how well they work together on everyday chores with less fighting and that just makes life easier. These techniques have been used by businesses for decades with “Team building activities” and theirs no reason to not give them a try in your large family home.

Check out Mother Goose Time for 20 team building activities a month along with virtually every other thing you would love to find in an early childhood curriculum.

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