Getting your Home Clean for the Holidays

When we moved into the new house Shark sent me the new Powered Lift-Away with Duo Clean to give a go on our heavily carpeted home. The carpet is one thing I hated about the house but, there was so much to love I figured I can ditch the carpet later.

After getting a really good vacuum I may have changed about how I feel about carpet for life and If you are looking for a holiday-ready home. This vacuum would make the perfect early Christmas gift.

Getting your Home Clean for the Holidays

Getting your home clean for the holidays

Getting your home clean for the holidays is a big deal. While you hope your guests are coming around to see you and not your house there is no way around them seeing your families everyday mess. Something about having guests come around that makes your house get clean fast.

:: Give your home a good dusting. Dust can make allergies flare up and make guests uncomfortable. Plus when you walk into a house you can usually see when dust has taken over. Pay attention to flat surfaces and places that air flows over like your ceiling fans.

:: Give your bathroom as extra scrub down and add in new holiday scented hand wash for a little fun.

:: Wash the bedding in your guest room. Even if cleaned right after your last guest left it is gathering dust from around the house.

:: Give your kitchen the heart of the home a good deep cleaning for the holidays so you are ready for cooking all of those amazing meals.

:: Keep laundry baskets in each room to collect items that don’t belong and send them back up to the owners when you get a message that a guest is on their way for hassle-free cleanup.

Why we love our Shark Vacuum

A powerful vacuum goes a long way to remove all of that dust sitting around. Not only did we have the mess of tracking dirt and eeekkk… mud into the house during th3e move in we also had two years of the home unused and goodness knows who owned the house before us.

The Shark Lift-Away with DuoClean makes the top of my holiday gift guide because it does some amazing things. It did not take long to start playing with the attachments included. and found some great ways to make the whole house crisp and clean.

Floors are a breeze.

Whip out the shark duo clean lift away and start going. While the vacuum can be a bit heavy as an upright and I prefer to not use it that way while holding the baby by using the lift away and sitting the canister in the middle of the room makes it so lightweight even my toddlers can clean up their own messes. The floor attachment tends to propel itself when you have it on the thick carpet setting like that.

My favorite part is that this vacuum can go between my hard floors and thick carpet without a blink of the eye. A quick switch of modes can be done with your thumb one handed as you roll over the threshold.

Getting your Home Clean for the Holidays

Tackle the stairs and sofa

With a house as big as mine I have a few areas that are challenging to the average vacuum. this one doesn’t see a challenge. The floor attachment can slide parallel to the ground and right under the furniture!

The poor kids learned quickly that you can’t shove things under the sofa, chairs, or beds anymore. The Shark Lift-Away with DuoClean will snag up all the doll shoes, lego, and shopkins it finds… Along with baby bibs, shop rags, and toddler coat sleeves… Did I mention it is powerful?

The upholstery and edging tools make getting the crumbs out of the furniture and the edges of our thick carpeted stairs easy and fast. We run down with the floor attachment then trace back with the edger. With this one all of the floors are always clean Which is huge because have you ever had DARK carpet? It shows EVERYTHING.

Get rid of dust and allergens.

Little Bear and I are allergic to dust. As you can imagine this old house had plenty of it when we moved in. I mean BAGS! of dust came out of the container in our Shark Vacuum. I was so happy to put it to use everywhere from window frames to ceiling fans.

When we took down the girls ceiling it did amazing things for removing the dust from construction and all that old insulation. I can’t wait to show you what is going on in their room. You will LOVE it. Unlike son many other vacuums this one traps dirt and allergens inside which is great because we have cats and I prefer to not have guests sneaking when they are over. Perfect for the holidays right?

Easy to clean and maintain.

Getting your Home Clean for the Holidays

To my son’s excitement, the shark vacuum comes apart is so many places you wonder how it holds together. The hardest part to clean is the hose which we had to do when my oldest decided to vacuum up mashed potatoes because it works on everything else, mom.

Not only do the rollers come out for easy cleaning (Wish I would have read the directions I did not discover the big roller came out until I had already done the hard part. The Shark Speed Lift Away comes with its own cleaning tool inside…. I may have said I should buy a tool for this” before discovering it.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for mom in over her head or a friend that loves hosting during the holidays the Shark Lift-Away with DuoClean is the way to go.

We received our Shark for review but all opinions in this post are mine alone. Stop by all season long for some of the best gifts.

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