Bringing Families Together with Books

I have a Love of books. No, secrete about that here right? When I stumbled upon BookRoo I knew it was love and requested a sample box to share with you. To my joy, they sent 2! As a family, we have hit some big changes int he past few months. I am now the caregiver for my grandmother with Alztimers and she has been struggling with feeling connected to the children when she can not remember their names. I thought BookRoo would make a great gift to help her feel connected to the children through something they can all enjoy together. Books are a great way to bring families and generations together.

Bridgeing the gap between generations and bringing families together with books

Bringing families together with books

a love of reading and books is a great way to bridge the gap between generations. Something about snuggling up on a grandparents (or great-grandparents) lap with a shiny new book just makes everything alright. The kind of memories that children remember as they age. After all, it is the simple things in life that mean the most. Long sleepless nights reading story after story to a sick child or the joy of watching a little one unwrap a new book makes it all worth it.

The more we read to children the more they will love reading and find joy in what a book has to offer. The more people read to a child the more that love of books grows and the more they want to learn to read themselves.

Make story time a delightful surprise

bridgeing the gap between generations

Do you have little ones that you want to snuggle up and read with? BookRoo might be just the ticket for your family. Each book is curated for quality. Ours are some great quality titles with one book in each box perfect for the holiday coming this month. Each book comes wrapped up like a gift of it’s own making them perfect to have on hand for when the grandkids, nieces, and nephews come around for a visit.

What came in our BookRoo Boxes?

book roo boxes

Picture book BookRoo box

Monster and son a delightful book that you can swap out the pronouns in for a personalized story. Valued at $16.99

The Snatchaboook is a cute story about a surprising book thief that left my kids playing Snatchabook. Valued at $16.99

Board book BookRoo Box

I Love You Little Pumpkin a lift-the-flap board book with a mirror in the back-cover. Valued at $7.99

Shapes a board book good for teaching shapes and counting. Valued at $6.99

Russel the Sheep a fun bedtime story about a sheep that reminds me of a Sealy mattress commercial. Valued at $7.99

The value of these Bookroo boxes is roughly half off retail making them a great way to save money as well as build a fun verity filled book collection for children in your life.

I received free books to facilitate this post. All opinions herein are mine alone.







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