Three Great Ways To Get Your Child Into Music

A love of music is something innate in all of us, but it’s also a passion that can be developed from a very young age. And, in terms of a child’s development, the benefits are nothing short of profound. For one thing, it introduces kids to a new and wonderful world of art and creativity, which is proven to boost brainpower and memory. Getting involved with music can also help build confidence, helping your child to engage socially. Perhaps more surprising, however, is that it can instill both patience and discipline, which, I think we can all agree, is a real bonus in this day and age. So, what exactly can parents do to turn mere appreciation into a potential life-long love affair? Well, the answers are both simple and easy to apply. In fact, you might find your kids aren’t the only ones who find themselves inspired by a new world of musical exploration.

Listen With Your Kids

Getting your child to listen to music might sound like an obvious way to start, but there’s no underestimating the positive influence of music in the home, even if it’s just in the background while you’re busy with other things. What’s fun for you is you can play your favorite music, and even it’s not to everyone’s taste, well, at least you’ve got a discussion going. The point, though, is that children are born without a musical bias (like, for instance, our grown-up devotion to those hits that defined our teenage years). But if your kid loves a song, it’s because they love it, and that’s that. So, why not try out a broad selection, find out what they like, even if they don’t quite know why? One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be interesting.

Sing and Dance!

A great way to bond is to teach your child an easy song and then, wait for it, sing it together. Now, you might find you’re a little shy about doing this, but chances are, once you get going, neither of you will want to stop. And if you can accompany them on a musical instrument, all the better. And while you’re singing, why not incorporate a few dance moves? This is a sure fire way to get your kid to really engage with the music. It’s ultimately a simple and enjoyable way to connect with the song, with each other, and it can provide a good workout too, far from the TV or computer screen.

Learn to Play

For many children, learning to play an instrument becomes a cherished memory later in life, even if they don’t keep it up. It’s truly an empowering and inspiring process for those who want to do it. You might want to ask if it’s something they’re enthusiastic about first, though, because it’s not for everyone. But if your child expresses an interest, it’s a great project for you to work on together. You can find advice on choosing the perfect instrument for your child on And if it really goes well, a teacher can be hired for relatively little expense. You can also find a range of after-school clubs which provide community and friendship as well as tuition. Because, the fact is, music lessons are a tried and tested way of enhancing brain-power, encouraging both coordination and cooperation with others. In short, a perfect way to aid and improve your child’s development in a fun and stimulating way.

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