Tips For Camping With A Baby

Camping is such a great pass time for busy families to enjoy. When you have a baby in tow you may want to skip this fun family activity worrying about the challenges that come with it. The good news is that camping with a baby is easier than you think. In fact, camping is just as great for your baby as it is for the rest of the family. Fresh air and exposure to nature are powerful for brain growth and development.

Tips for a great camping trip with a baby

Tips for camping with a baby

Choose the right time to go camping. Camping with a baby can mean a few more challenges for dealing with the weather. Plan your camping trip during the mildest time of year. If the weather is to hot, too cold, or too wet can leave your baby fussy and make the entire trip a lot less fun than when your baby is fussy.

Pack toys to entertain your baby. While you will have plenty of keep you busy babies don’t have much to do for entertainment out in the woods that doesn’t involve putting something in their mouths that they shouldn’t be.

Take extra baby essentials like diapers, baby food, and milk your baby will need. If you are formula feeding I suggest the drop-in style bottles so you can reduce your washing and boiling but still provide your baby with safe clean bottles.

Bring a stroller or wagon with all-terrain wheels and a baby carrier. This will give your options on ways to get your baby around when you go hiking or exploring. Strollers and wagons are great because they can hold your gear as well but carriers are most useful if you plan on going into less accessible areas.

Keep bugs at bay to help protect your baby. Do not use bug spray directly on your baby. Look for safer options that will help keep bugs out of the area. Zote Soap is great for placing in your tent to keep bugs out, there are plenty of camping friendly big repel bugs within a particular distance that are safe to attach to your clothing or something nearby allowing your child to be safe from bugs along with the rest of your family

Bring a pack and play with a mosquito net cover. This will allow your baby to have a safe place to nap where they are protected from bugs and safe while the rest of the family relaxes. Camping can have a lot of dangers like the campfire or tools running around. A pack and play give your child a safe place when you need two hands.

Lower your expectations. Camping with a baby will make your plans change a good bit. Your baby will still need naps and you will need to plan your activities around your babies naps and feedings. All in all the experience is worth the changes you will have to make to have a great camping trip with a baby.

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