Tips for camping with your dog

Your dog is a major part of your family. When you go on camping trips you have to find a dog sitter or take your dong with you. For many families bringing your dog camping is the best option but it can be a bit nerve-racking to bring your dog on his first camping trip. Here are our best tips for making your camping trip with your dog an amazing experience.

Tips for camping with your dog

One of the most important things to consider when taking your dog camping is a clean safe water source. This can be the same drinking water your family plans to enjoy while camping. You can find bring along a bowl or even grab a handy water bottle designed to make it easy for dogs to drink. These water bottles are perfect if you plan to go hiking with your dog while on your camping trip.

For everyone’s safety when you bring your dog camping you need to be sure your dog is secure. You should only bring a well-trained dog camping but accidents still happen and even the best-trained dog can easily be distracted by wild animals. This will keep your dog from running off and getting hurt or scaring someone. Your dong should always be kept on a leash while exploring your campsite. For your dog’s comfort, I recommend a harness instead of attaching your leash to a collar. A harness will prevent your dog from choking and keep him comfortable for long periods. Ensure your dog’s ID tags are secure and in good shape with updated information in case you are separated.

If you are camping with your dog during hunting season it is important to consider your dog’s safety. You want it easy for passing hunters to know that your dog is a pet and not a wild animal sneaking in the brush. Using a bright orange harness, collar, or dog vest is a great way to make your dog highly visible and distinguish your dog from wild animals.

Consider flea and tick protection for your dog. Just like you, your dog is at risk of issues from fleas and ticks. If your dog is not on a prescription flea and tick medication it may be a good idea to stop by your veterinarian’s office to get a dose before your trip. You can find over the counter flea and tick repellents if you need something quick for an impromptu camping trip. When you get home use a quality flea shampoo to help ensure no hitchhikers came home with you and leave your dog with a clean shiny coat. If you opt for over the counter flea and tick options try Amazon Subscribe and Save to save money and never worry about running out in time for the next dose.

Pack extra treats for your dog. Treats are your number one tool for helping control your dog’s behavior. Packing extra treats will allow you to calm your dog or get him to follow commands easily. Hiking and playing on a hot summer day while camping can be draining leaving your dog wanting extra snacks. Much like a child if well-fed your dog is more likely to behave well.

Bring a cheap dollar store welcome mat with you on your trip for your dog to clean his paws before entering the tent. This is a great way to keep the mud out of your tent. Lining the inside bottom of your tent with a tarp is a great way to help protect the bottom of your tent from dog paws.

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