5 Tips For Helping Your Marriage Survive Stress

Marriage can be one of the best things in your life. It can also be difficult to maintain. In times of major stress couples often find themselves arguing or struggling. Taking time to work thought the stress is important to maintaining a happy marriage.

Tips to help your marriage during times of stress

Take time to work on your marriage now to survive stressful times so you can enjoy more good times together.

Find quality time together

This can be easier said than done. Finding dates that fit your budget in a time of stress can be a struggle. Finding dates you can do at home even if you have kids in the house is a great way to find time together. These free at-home date night ideas area a great way to get some time together.

Get time to cuddle up and relax as a couple. Cook dinner together. Spend time working on a shared hobby. This can help you both be more resilient in times of stress.

Get some time apart

It may seem counterproductive to spend time away from your spouse when you are trying to work through stress in your marriage. The truth is time apart is important to get time apart so that you can cool down and think clearly.

We often spend more time without your spouse than anyone else. If you never get away from them and have some time to yourself it can be easy to snap at your partner over the small stuff.

Look for a chance to get out and get some time alone, practice mindfulness, or put some time into self-care. This will allow you to think and come back to the situation with a clear mind.


Take time to communicate with your spouse. It can be hard to have tough conversations or to talk about how you are truly feeling. Particularly if you do not quite understand what you are feeling.

Take time to tell your partner how you feel and what is going through your head. They can not read your mind and expecting them to just leads to disappointment and frustration.

If you do not have an easy time communicating with your partner by talking try writing a letter. This can be a great way to communicate when you need time to think through what you are feeling and to ensure what you are saying comes out clearly.

Work through challenges you are facing

Take time to look at the real challenges you are facing and to work through them.

Is your partner feeling disrespected? Taking time to change behaviors can show your partner that you truly care.

Are you struggling with money issues? Sit down together and look over your finances and changes you can make to try and fix the situation.

Talk through parenting struggles and find solutions that work for both of you.

Get professional counseling

Sometimes you need a little help to make things work. In times of stress, this can be more important than ever. Sometimes you need to take the step to get help. Learn about how you can help your marriage survive stressful situations with counseling with ReGain.

This post is brought to you by Regain. An online digital therapy program for couples that can help you get through life’s challenges. All advice and opinions are my own.

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