8 Tips For Your Babies First Haircut

Your babies first hair cut is an emotional time for mothers. While you may be thinking about what style to get or how you want to save that little lock of hair there is so much more on your mind. Many babies freak out at getting their hair cut, squirm and fight, or burst out in tears. This is, of course, all normal. The good news is those of us that have been through it a time or two can give you a few tips to make your babies first haircut thing a little less scary and a lot more pleasant of a memory for you.

Tips For Your Babies First Haircut

Tips for your babies first haircut

1. Have your child watch you or another loved one get their haircut.

Getting a haircut can be scary when you don’t know what to expect. Watching you get a haircut and seeing that it doesn’t hurt you can help make the process feel a lot less scary to little ones.

2. Make getting a haircut sound fun and exciting before you go.

When you have a positive attitude and make it sound fun and exciting your child is more likely to relax and not feel scared when the big day comes. A fun new book like Hair by Leslie Patricelli or Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligott for a fun way to add excitement to your little ones first haircut experience.

3. Plan around your child’s schedule

Babies are creatures of habit. When you interrupt nap or snack time you are more likely to have your child experience a meltdown int he solan chair. Planning to take your baby for their first haircut when they are usually in the best mood is a great way to ensure they will have an easier time with the whole process.

4. Don’t DIY it

I made this mistake with my son. I had been used to cutting my husband’s hair weekly to keep his fast-growing hair to military regulations. I had no idea what I was doing cutting a squirming child’s hair. Before I knew it instead of a father and sun matching high and tight my poor 1-year-old baby boy had a flat out buzz cut. Save yourself the headache and let a pro do the job for this all-important first haircut.

5. Choose a salon with experience cutting children’s hair

For the reason above you want someone that has worked with children in the past. If you don’t have a child-centered solan nearby call the local salons and ask if they have someone that is good with kids on their staff and pack an appointment with them. If you are lucky enough to have a salon that specializes in kids you are more likely to have a really great experience for your babies first haircut.

6. Bring a change of clothes

Some kids just do not do well with the capes. Instead of worrying about it bring a spare outfit so you can go ahead and just change your child when it is over. The more comfortable you are the more your child will enjoy the entire process and be less likely to have a breakdown.

Tips For Your Babies First Haircut

7. Be prepared to keep your little one occupied

This is the perfect time to pull out a book, phone app or small scenery toy to keep your little one occupied. This can serve both as a distraction and as a way to help keep them still for their hair cut. To get the most out of this trick use something they don’t get to use every day. This will make the distraction last much longer. Even something as simple as a balloon filled with sensory sand or playdough can be a completely new and very appealing distraction for your babies first haircut.

8. Let your child know you have a fun reward planned for after the hair cut

After a while, most parents learn to not be above bribery. Tell your child that if they do well you will take them out for a treat after their haircut. Summertime is the perfect time for a haircut, an ice cream, and a trip to the park to run off some energy. Find a reward that is highly likely to encourage your child to go with the flow and keep calm during their first haircut.

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