‘Tis The Season: Unique Ways To Decorate Your Yard This Christmas

Traditional Christmas outdoor decorating involves strings of lights, lawn ornaments a-plenty, and those inflatable giants that topple once Mother Nature has had enough. While these methods are tried and true, you may be looking for something slightly different this year. A great way to decorate for Christmas is to embrace a more natural look with pinecones, berries, and greenery that blends with your landscaping. In the United States, three of every four households have some type of landscaping or lawn, and now is the time to spruce it up for the season.

Set Up Your Tree Outside

The star of Christmas often becomes the evergreen in your living room, so why not duplicate it in your front yard? This year, grow an evergreen tree, like the Colorado Blue Spruce, in your yard and decorate it with eye-catching ornaments and lights. You may have a suitable tree in your yard, in which case you can simply take the time to trim it and then add on your decorations. Opt for solar powered LED lights to make decorating your outdoor tree easy.

Have Fun With Wreaths

Wreaths are the perfect accents for the outside of your home during the Christmas season. While the typical greenery, ribbons, and pinecones are always a pleasant sight to look at, there are endless possibilities as far as wreath decoration goes. Try going bold with your wreath by accenting it with artificial fruits. Place apples, oranges, pears, and lemons around the ring of the wreath on top of an evergreen base. The colors of the fruit will pop against the green and promote thoughts of a Christmas feast laid out on the table, fruit bowl and all. If you want a pre-made Wreath ETSY is the best place to find big, bold, and unique wreathes. Check out these wreaths that are sure to pop –> HERE <–

Dress Up Your Fences

Tips to decorate your yard for Christmas

If your home is surrounded by fencing, taking this opportunity to really dress it up. String natural evergreen garlands along the length of the fence and accent it with ribbons and bows along the way. You can also string lights along with the garland, giving you a little something to turn on when the sun goes down. If you don’t have a fence, you can hang decorative garland around your doorway, from the top of lamp posts, along with deck railings, or across garden arbors.

Get creative when you decorate your yard.

You can use what you already have on hand or look create something using found items. Shop sales and use these other great tips to save money on Christmas decorations to decorate your yard on a budget. Have the kids dive in and make decorating your yard a Christmas tradition.

When you start decorating for Christmas this year, let your creativity run wild. Think outside of the box and you’ll create an outdoor design that stands out from all of the rest.

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