What Is the Best Time of Year to Paint?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right time of year for you interior painting project. Weather and a special event often are at the top. Early summer and fall tend to be most popular choices for interior painting projects because it is warm outside, but not too hot, so you can open the windows to allow in fresh air. 

You might be surprised to learn that painting in the winter has become an increasingly popular choice. Here are a few reasons that winter can the best time of year to tackle your interior painting projects.


Summer’s humidity can have a negative impact of how paint adheres to surfaces. Even with the windows open and fans blowing, air that is circulating contains a lot of moisture.  By contrast, in the winter, the air is dry.

The moisture from summer’s humid air will increase your paint’s drying time. It takes longer for the coats for the paint to cure properly adding to the time it takes to complete your project. Take advantage of the winter’s cool, dry air when time-efficiency is an important part of your painting project.


Winter is off-season both for house painters and paint sales, which means you can often find discounted paints and services. Interior painting projects can be a financial investment depending on the size of the room you’re painting and the look that you’re hoping to achieve. These off-season discounts can make a significant difference and could mean that you have a larger project for your home.

If you are repainting the walls because you want to refresh your home before you put it on the market in spring, winter is the perfect time to paint. By planning ahead and scheduling the painting project during the winter months, you can enjoy significant savings. 

Time off

Are you a do-it-yourselfer with time off over the holidays? Painting between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year may be the perfect time to tackle a painting project. It’s a great way to freshen your home before the new year.

Planning your project in the winter will offer more flexibility with professional painting services as well. Painters are often difficult to schedule in the summer and fall months. Booking in the winter will offer you more options.

Whether you’re looking for the flexibility that comes with painting on your own time or from the professionals you hire, painting in the winter will give you significantly more scheduling options than painting in the summer.

A more relaxed summer

Taking on any painting project is time-consuming. Many of us would rather spend our summertime outdoors when the weather is warm, whether hiking, camping or enjoying the beach. The winter, by comparison, tends to be the time of year people stay inside, particularly when snow begins to fall. That’s the perfect time to take on a winter project like painting your home.

If you are concerned about paint fumes, look to purchase newer eco-friendly paints. They are widely available or ask your professional painting company to use low- or no-VOC paints to limit the impact of chemicals in your home.

There may be good reasons to paint your home’s interior in the summer. It’s no coincidence that it’s one of the busiest times of year for professional painting services and paint sales. But painting during the winter does have its benefits.

If you’re looking at the calendar and asking yourself when it’s the best time to paint your home’s interior, don’t rule out the winter months. Consider your priorities for the project (like budget and time.) and see if painting in the winter is right for you. It could be better than you think.

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