Toilet Paper Roll Spring Chicks

Spring is here and we are looking for fun stuff to keep the kids busy during the rain and sadly this (hopefully) last snow storm. I have been drained lately and keeping up with the kids is a challenge. Lucky me Mother Goose Time has come to my rescue… again. This toilet paper roll spring chicks are perfect for upcoming Easter and a great addition to the April Birds and Eggs theme.

Toilet Paper Roll Spring Chicks

These are so cute and made the youngest two so happy to play with. They needed help to do this one so these two turned out pretty well. They were so easy to make and I had time to help each child one on one with building and shaping the feet while the other three played the lifecycle of a bird game wiggly eyes sent for this day.

What you need to make toilet paper roll spring chicks

While I love that Mother Goose Time sent everything we need but, a marker and some glue (perhaps my favorite part of the curriculum) you can gather these materials easy with what is around the house making it a great upcycle craft.

Toilet Paper Roll Spring Chicks

Make spring chicks with toilet paper rolls

This easy craft is all about having fun. Grab your toilet paper roll and decorate with wiggly eyes, feathers, and a marker beak.

Help your child fold the pipe cleaner to make a set of feet for your baby chick.

These would be a great addition to the nest science activity we did last year. This would also may a great project to do with the book Are you my Mother by Dr. Suess.

Toilet Paper Roll Spring Chicks

Want more birth themed crafts? How about these bird puppets, and this flamingo our kids loved making?

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