Tools You Need to Teach Homeschool Science

I have to confess. The kids and I are having so much fun with Mother Goose Time that we jumped into the last two boxes at the same time. I just could not resist the science. Mother Goose Time makes prepping easy and very little work for me.

The kids LOVE science experiments and projects. What mom could resist 20 of them all together and ready to go just needing a few basics from the kitchen and art boxes? They even supply, amazing tools we will keep using for years to come. These are tools I now know we NEED to teach homeschool science smoothly and effectively.

Tools you need to teach homeschool science

Beakers are so handy for projects. Mother Goose Time sent us a plastic beaker set perfect for the younger kids and outdoor projects. I ordered a glass beaker set for more advanced projects for my oldest.

Test tubes are great for collecting samples to compare things, mix, and test chemicals.

Exploring Science allows children to gain a sense of curiosity that will benefit them in life.

Plastic Transfer Pipettes are so useful for science projects, art, and fine motor practice. Mother Good Time seems to send a set for the kids every month. They have so many uses we bought a pack in bulk. These were great for exploring chemical reactions.

Magnifying glass are great for exploring and learning about the world around us. Sending kids out to observe things with a Magnifying glass will lead them to natural and fun learning opportunities.

Microscope and slides for exploring the smallest things around us. We love that we can buy premade ready to view slides for hours of learning fun. They make really cool microscopes that connect to your computer so you can catalog what you see, print images of slides for science notebooks and so much more.

Science is one of the funnest parts of homeschooling. These tools will help you teach homeschool science.

Goggles to protect eyes from chemicals and impact when science gets a little crazy.

Telescope for observing the stars and other parts of the night sky. When studying astronomy this can come in handy and lead to many fun nights.

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