Top 5 Home Trends of 2022

As a homeowner, you may need to be aware of new and upcoming home trends. This can help you make the right decisions as far as remodeling goes and enable you to save money at the same time. Read on to see the top five home trends of 2022 and put them to use for your next home improvement project.

1. Safety

The top home trend in 2022 is focusing on safety for the home. This applies to both indoors and outdoors, with 78% of home buyers saying that for them, quality is more important than size as far as homes go. Keep this in mind if you’re looking to do a home improvement and you may have an easier time getting a home that you can be proud of for a long time. Get safety features such as installing security cameras outside and fitting your home with fire safety features and carbon monoxide sensors to name a few. This will improve your peace of mind as you will know that your family is safe at all times.

2. Improved Storage

With more people looking for cleaner spaces and more functional homes, storage has become an important consideration for most to make. From the kitchen and bathroom to the bedrooms, there’s probably room for improving the storage in your home. This means that you should find out if there is a particular space in your home that could benefit from having extra storage and then look for creative solutions. Once you get the extra storage that you need, you may have an easier time keeping your home clean and well-organized.

3. Sustainability

Many people are making sustainability a priority in their lives, so you should do the same. A few ways of living a more sustainable life include installing solar panels to get greener energy and recycling actively. When thinking of replacing a part of your home such as the roof, also prioritize sustainability. For the roof, for example, most homeowners prefer to get asphalt shingles, making them the most popular material for roofing in the United States. From longevity of up to 20 years, comparatively low installation and maintenance costs, to reliability through different seasons, there are a number of reasons why you should consider getting them if you need to replace your roof.

4. Unique Spaces

With more people spending more time indoors over the last few years, it’s becoming more important to improve the home’s living spaces. From making particular spaces multi-use areas to creating rooms for specific purposes, like home offices, there are different ways in which you can benefit from unique spaces. Needless to say, for most people, the presence of unique spaces is a major selling point when either buying or selling a house.

5. The Outdoors

Finally, the outdoors should not be forgotten while compiling a list of home trends. As mentioned, many people have started to spend more of their time at home, calling for a revision of the traditional setup of a home. People are starting to see how they can make use of their home’s outdoor spaces, either for work or for recreation. From the lawn to the driveway, it’s important to ensure that your home is up to standards as far as trends and home maintenance experts suggest. For example, Bob Vila says that paver sealer products are available in two main categories, which are solvent-based and water-based. You should pick the right product depending on where you are using it and the effect you hope to achieve.

Think about these five home trends when considering making a home improvement. When you do, you may make a decision that you will be proud of for a long time to come.

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